The Freelance Writers Den is Open with Giveaways and Contests!

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A couple days ago I received an email from Carol Tice announcing that the Freelance Writers Den will be celebrating its third anniversary this weekend. In addition, there will be a number of prizes, giveaways, and other assorted goodies on offer from the Den this weekend, including a free month in the Den, mini mentoring sessions, free eBooks, and lots more.

Not only that, but the Den will be hosting a FREE podcast where you can ask the Den Mothers (Carol and Linda Formichelli) anything you want about freelance writing.

Since I love the Freelance Den (and pretty much anything Carol has to offer) I couldn’t help but let my readers know about this opportunity, as the Den is only open to new members a few days of the year.

If this is your first time hearing about the Den and you would like to find out more, please read my Freelance Writers Den review where I go into detail about the various sections of the Den, what’s offered in these sections, and how current and aspiring freelance writers can benefit from joining.

If you are thinking of joining the Den, I would greatly appreciate if you could do so through any one of my affiliate links either on this page or those on my review page. Clicking through my affiliate link will cost you nothing but will help to keep this blog going!

Do you have any questions about the Freelance Writers Den that you would like to ask? Are you a member that would like to share your experience? I’d love to hear you in the comments section below!

June 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

accounting-343067_1920Welcome freelance writers, browsers, and general internet viewing public! You have reached the June edition of my monthly freelance writing income report. Every month, I publish the details on freelance income, as well as my general freelance related activities for the month, for a number of very good reasons explained in this previous post.

If you read last month’s post, you’d know that the end of May and the beginning of June were very hectic months for me. As a result, I decided to take the rest of June off in order to get a bit of rest and relaxation before jumping back headfirst into freelance writing. How did that work out?

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May Freelance Writing Income Report

May Freelance Writing Income ReportMy name is Daryl George, and every month I publish a report detailing my recent activities in the world as a freelance writer, as well as a short summary of my freelance writing income. During last month’s freelance writing income report, I was positively brimming with enthusiasm. Things were looking up – I had just spoken to at least one client who had a large amount of work, and was in talks with another one that had found me through inbound marketing.  I was on track for my best month ever! So how did the month pan out? Read on for more….

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New Trends in Blogging

New Trends in Bloggingby Dora Houston

With the advent of the internet, freedom of expression has gained several new dimensions. There are countless venues for individuals to voice their opinions. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves and share their thoughts with the entire world. Blogging is one such activity that uses the internet for expression of one’s thoughts and ideas. Blogging has been around for quite a while now and there are even attempts by individuals to post VLogs or video logs. By now there are probably millions of blogs on the internet. There are people who post even the small every day events that happen in their lives and there are also some blogs that deal with issues that are consequential to the human society.

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April Freelance Writing Income Report

April Freelance Income ReportAnother month, another income report! Each month I publish an overview of my freelance writing income, as well as some of the notable things that have happened within my freelance business. April is no exception. I publish my freelance writing income for a number of reasons, most of which were detailed in this post here.  Here’s my April freelance writing income report!

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Freelance Writers Den Now Open!

The Freelance Writers Den: Grow Your Writing Income! Sign Up

Hey guys,

Just got an email that the Freelance Writers Den is now OPEN. But it won’t be for long – as Carol has announced that she will be closing the Den by midnight tonight. So if you’re interested, sign up NOW before you miss out on a great opportunity! If you want to learn more about the Den, you can read my comprehensive review on the Den and what it has to offer.  If you would like to sign up, you can click on the banner or the link below. Both are affiliate links, and will cost you nothing extra BUT will help me out greatly.

Hope to see you in the Den!

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February and March Freelance Writing Income Reports

The only way is up for my income reports!

The only way is up for my income reports!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted my freelance income reports. January, to be exact. Since I know you’ve been missing my income reports, I’m going to give you a double dose of what you’ve been missing for the past couple months with income reports from both February AND March. I know – two awesome surprises in one!

For me at Freelance Writer Startup, lots has been happening both online AND offline. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months:


Offline Happenings

I added another continent to my list as I went to Abu Dhabi  for my “day job” purposes. Despite spending the first few days jet lag, I really enjoyed it and met a lot of awesome people! Not only that but I got went to the desert where I rode a camel! Talk about memorable moments! By the time my workshop was over I didn’t want to leave, and experienced a bit of post trip blues as I settled back into work. I also flew to Barbados for a weekend for personal reasons, and I did enjoy my time there at least. As a result mainly of the hectic planning for Abu Dhabi, including visa applications, funding, and other concerns, I was a bit stretched in terms of time for the month.

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Return from my Hiatus



Dear adoring fans of Freelance Writer Startup,

Yes, it HAS been a while since I’ve updated my blog. But don’t worry, I have really exciting news for upcoming month, along with your favorite – income reports! In addition, I’ll be making a few small changes to the blog, which you’ll probably see soon.

My hiatus was kicked off by a trip halfway around the world (Abu Dhabi to be precise) for a week. It just so happened that at the same time, a content marketing firm messaged me with interest for me working for them! Since then, I’ve been relatively busy with work from them, along with work from the organisation I volunteer with (gotta give back!).

So stay tuned for my income reports from February and March next week!



January Freelance Writing Income Report

January 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

That air that you feel whipping past you, ruffling your clothes and blowing your hair? That’s January that just went screaming past. I can’t fault you if the month flying by quickly has left you in a daze – I know it has for me. For all of my dedicated readers, I hope that you’ve had a great start to your year. Now that the month is over, for Freelance Writer Startup it means one thing: your monthly income report! Please buckle up and get ready for the ride as I take you through my January 2014 freelance writing income report.

Online happenings

Although I don’t have much to report, what I do have to say is pretty exciting. I decided to try to adjust to a regular schedule for blog posts, and bar last week, I managed to stick rigidly to the schedule. If you’re waiting for brand new fresh content, it will be published on this blog every Monday. In addition, I managed to secure two great guest post slots. For one of these sites, I’ve written for them before, so I’m glad that they were willing to approve my guest posting idea at almost the last minute. The second guest posting slot I’m especially excited for, as it is with a relatively high profile site that is going to fit in with the new direction this blog will be taking (more on that in a minute). In addition, I managed to gain a new client, which I will again speak to more in detail later.

Now let’s get to it – exactly how much did I make in this month’s freelance writing income?

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What Nobody Tells You About Writing a Successful Guest Post Pitch

Successful guest post pitch

Image courtesy of Cameron Connor and the Blog Comment Community

You know them already. The unwritten rules that are supposed to all but guarantee you a lucrative guest posting spot. Add in essence of relevant content, sprinkle in some lovely flavoured headlines, and then add a liberal helping of great writing to convince your guest post host to anxiously await the date that they can post it to their blog.

Yet it doesn’t work. Maybe they sent back a polite “no thank you”. Or maybe you got the kiss of death – an empty ringing silence. You to cry yourself to sleep every time you end the day without getting as much as a whiff of a possible guest posting spot.

Of course, any writer or blogger worth their salt knows the importance of guest posting. But what many don’t know is that a good idea and god writing often aren’t enough to get a guest post pitch accepted. In fact, the good guest posters, the ones that you envy as their names get plastered around the internet, have a number of things that they do to almost guarantee that they get the guest post slot long before they ever both to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

These “tricks of the trade” are rarely ever shared with others. It may be simply a case that for many of these great guest posters, they don’t even know that what they do is increasing their likelihood of success. But these tips and tricks can make the difference between success and failure.

Here are 4 things that nobody ever told you about guest posting:

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