The Roundup: The Best Freelance Writing Posts for January 2015

64e32e640a1e802790758af1_150_januaryYour time is valuable. As much as you would love to scour the internet searching for gems of wisdom and actionable advice, you simply didn’t have the time last month to do so. Maybe it was a looming deadline that you were racing against the clock to beat. Maybe it was a family emergency, or your sick child that you had to spend extra time with this month. Heck, maybe you were enjoying the first month of the year so much, you just didn’t feel bothered to check your usual freelance writing haunts.

Well don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

In the first of its series on this website, we’ll cover the best freelance writing related posts that were published in January. These posts feature useful, actionable advice that will help you find new clients, attract a bigger audience, and improve your freelance writing business in general.

So here’s our  roundup of the best freelance writing posts for January 2015: Continue reading

No Gigs, No Problem – How to Make Money From Your Freelance Blog Without Freelance Writing Clients

So you’re a freelance writer huh?How to make money from your freelance blog without freelance writing clients

Despite the many claims that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a high paying freelance client (although, who the heck would have a dead cat lying around?) you still haven’t come across that five figure a month freelance writer client that you were supposed to be knocking on your doorstep.


As a result, your Paypal account is looking worse than the Sahara desert in the dry season. You need cash – but you can’t drum up the clients to do so. But what if I told you that there were ways to make money from your writing without having to find those ever so elusive clients? A way to make a living without having to apply to dozens of crappy Problogger/Craigslist job applications (we’ve all been there!) or write LOI after LOI, checking your mail every morning in the hope that the freelancing gods will send you your freelancing client to take you out of the jobless wilderness to the promised land of milk, honey, and gobs of $100 an hour work?

It would sound pretty damned good wouldn’t it? Continue reading

7 Ways for Freelance Writers to Separate Themselves from the Pack

men-311308_640Have you found yourself sending out freelance application after application with the feeling that the internet is dumping them into the Grand Canyon behind your back? Do you hit the refresh button on your computer every few minutes, just waiting for that reply like a 15 year old boy waiting for that returned call from your crush? (Hint to 15 year old Daryl: she won’t call back. Move on).

I’ve been there. And so have lots of freelance writers. Heck, even Stephen King ran out of space to store his rejection letters early in his career.

Rejection happens.

But what if I told you that there was a way to reduce rejection? What if I told you that there are simple steps you can follow to make sure that your freelance application or query stands out of the crowd?

That would sound pretty damned good, wouldn’t it?

And there is. While there’s no magic bullet to ensure that you’ll get the gig, there are things that you can do to separate youself from the pack and differentiate yourself from other freelance writers: Continue reading

September 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

I know you’ve been waiting. Yearning. Longing for this post…September 2014 Income Report

And finally, it’s here!

Welcome to all my readers, both new and regulars. I’ve got lots of readers around the globe – so whether you’re from Canada, South Africa, India, the UK, or the good ol’ USA, I’m happy to have you as always! If you’re a Freelance Writer Startup virgin, and you have no idea why I publish income reports, I explain why I publish them in the importance of being earnest. You can also check out my previous freelance income reports if you’re curious to how I’ve done over the last year.

Ok, I won’t keep you waiting: here’s my September freelance writing income report! Continue reading

August 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

August 2014 Freelance Writing Income ReportWelcome to my August 2014 freelance writing income report. If this is your first time visiting (I’m sure it will be the first of many visits) then you may be wondering why I share the details on the amount of money I earn. After all, in the “real world” personal income earnings are often jealously guarded, with some people no more likely to tell you their salary details than the two persons who know the secret KFC recipe would wave it in front of an audience on prime time television.

Here are some of the reasons I share my income details:

1. Goal setting and accountability – Unlike most jobs, my income is not fixed and totally dependent on the work that I put in. As a result, making my income details public serves as a great motivator for me to work more efficiently and effectively.

2. Motivation/Education for readers – I hope you, the reader, will learn more and also be motivated through reading my income reports

3. Traffic – People love reading income reports! In fact, my income reports are among the best trafficked posts on my page. Which also helps me to secure…

4. Customers – More traffic means more potential leads and more customers! If you’d like to hire a writer to develop great content for your website, whether it is a blog post, white paper, or case study, just email me or send me a request on my contact page to discuss cost effective solutions to increase your visitors and convert them into customers.

Here’s what I did for the month of August…. Continue reading

10 Hard Lessons I Learned in My First Year of Freelance Blogging

10 Hard Lessons I Leant in My First Year of Freelance BloggingOn August 13th, 2013, I wrote my very first post on my very own shiny brand new website.

My, my, how things have changed.

Back then, I was full of hope, excitement, and most of all ideas. I wasn’t exactly new to freelance writing – I had done some work on some freelance bid sites – such as Odesk and Elance. When I had started, I had been more than happy to stroll through cheap client proposals  and felt “lucky” to secure gigs which included writing well researched 700 word dental articles for the princely sum $5 a pop (although I now know a hell of a lot more about periodontal disease). But this was different. I had my own freelancing blog. I was a professional now. The world was my oyster, and I was about to take that sumbitch out of its shell and triumphantly hold it aloft, having conquered the four corners of the freelancing empire.

But things haven’t gone quite as planned. Continue reading

July 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

July 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

Things are definitely going to change around here.

After last month’s “freelance writing detox” I had a very long think about my writing career, where it’s going, and where I want it to be heading. I also had a long think about my reasons for my inactivity – my loss of focus from the first six months of freelance writing, as well as where my focus should lie as I forge ahead.

After several weeks of contemplation, I’ve made the following decisions about my blogs and freelance writing career in general:

1. 2-3 Posts per month, per blog– I’ve made several commitments with regards to blog post frequency, and lately it seems I haven’t been able to keep them. From now on, I’ll concentrate on making just a couple posts per month, and focus largely on promotion of these posts. This is in the vein of recommendations by people such as Derek Halpern, who recommends that only 20% of your time should be committed to creating content, while 80% should be geared towards promoting your content. From now on, I’ll definitely be paying more attention to the promotion of my blog and business. Continue reading

The Freelance Writers Den is Open with Giveaways and Contests!

The Freelance Writers Den: Grow Your Writing Income! Sign Up

A couple days ago I received an email from Carol Tice announcing that the Freelance Writers Den will be celebrating its third anniversary this weekend. In addition, there will be a number of prizes, giveaways, and other assorted goodies on offer from the Den this weekend, including a free month in the Den, mini mentoring sessions, free eBooks, and lots more.

Not only that, but the Den will be hosting a FREE podcast where you can ask the Den Mothers (Carol and Linda Formichelli) anything you want about freelance writing.

Since I love the Freelance Den (and pretty much anything Carol has to offer) I couldn’t help but let my readers know about this opportunity, as the Den is only open to new members a few days of the year.

If this is your first time hearing about the Den and you would like to find out more, please read my Freelance Writers Den review where I go into detail about the various sections of the Den, what’s offered in these sections, and how current and aspiring freelance writers can benefit from joining.

If you are thinking of joining the Den, I would greatly appreciate if you could do so through any one of my affiliate links either on this page or those on my review page. Clicking through my affiliate link will cost you nothing but will help to keep this blog going!

Do you have any questions about the Freelance Writers Den that you would like to ask? Are you a member that would like to share your experience? I’d love to hear you in the comments section below!

June 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

accounting-343067_1920Welcome freelance writers, browsers, and general internet viewing public! You have reached the June edition of my monthly freelance writing income report. Every month, I publish the details on freelance income, as well as my general freelance related activities for the month, for a number of very good reasons explained in this previous post.

If you read last month’s post, you’d know that the end of May and the beginning of June were very hectic months for me. As a result, I decided to take the rest of June off in order to get a bit of rest and relaxation before jumping back headfirst into freelance writing. How did that work out?

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May Freelance Writing Income Report

May Freelance Writing Income ReportMy name is Daryl George, and every month I publish a report detailing my recent activities in the world as a freelance writer, as well as a short summary of my freelance writing income. During last month’s freelance writing income report, I was positively brimming with enthusiasm. Things were looking up – I had just spoken to at least one client who had a large amount of work, and was in talks with another one that had found me through inbound marketing.  I was on track for my best month ever! So how did the month pan out? Read on for more….

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