April Freelance Writing Income Report

April Freelance Income ReportAnother month, another income report! Each month I publish an overview of my freelance writing income, as well as some of the notable things that have happened within my freelance business. April is no exception. I publish my freelance writing income for a number of reasons, most of which were detailed in this post here.  Here’s my April freelance writing income report!

Online happenings

I’ve finally begun to receive a few more inbound requests – that is, clients coming to me, out of the blue, asking about my rates and services. I’m currently working on one proposal right now, while the other inbound client never responded to my message.

I did manage to work on at least one guest post this month – for no less a site than Writers Weekly! They picked up my article on comment marketing, so hopefully that should give me great exposure and increase the likelihood that possible clients noticing me, as well as look good on my “as featured on” portfolio. If you’d like to read my feature article, you can have a read of Using Comment Marketing to Promote Your Writing.

I’ve also been extremely busy over the past month, and I have a very exciting prospect that I hope to secure within the next month or two.  In addition, I finally worked with a client I have been in negotiations with since last year November – so it’s taken six months from the initial conversation to the completion of the first article! They said that they liked my work, so hopefully there will be plenty more where that came from.

I’m currently at a crossroads at my freelance writing career. I’ll admit that I have taken on some work at a rate far below my advertised rates – which has led me to have at least a steady, although low income. The client is perfectly nice, and even restructured some workings in their organisation to better suit my skills. I took them on at a period when I had no other income coming in, but with at least one client on board and another soon to possibly come, the question is whether or not to part ways with them. I guess it’s a decision I’ll have to make within the next few weeks.

Enough of my blathering – let’s get to the income report!


April Freelance Writing Income Report


Freelance Writing – $245

Affiliate Sales – $12.50

Total Income: $257.50


Freelance Writers Den – $25

Total Profit:


April Overview, and May Forecast

So far, May is shaping up to be great. Even at this point of the month, I’ve already done more billable work that I have for the whole of last month, so in theory my May freelance writing income report should be my best yet.Also, I made an affiliate sale from the Freelance Writers Den – hopefully next time I’ll get a bit more of a heads up (I only knew the Den was open a day before it closed) but my first affiliate sale sure was exciting. In addition, I’m really excited at having two prospective clients, although they will probably not come on-stream until June. It may be possible that I’ve finally turned the corner with my freelance writing income, and I’m hoping to see four figures very soon!   PS – if you’re looking for a reliable and quality freelance writer, feel free to contact me.

Are you a freelance writer reading this blog as well? Let me know how you’ve fared in the comments section below!


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