My Crazy Comment Marketing Strategy

Comment Marketing StrategyHave you ever had a crazy idea? One of those ideas that flits through your mind for a  brief second, almost without you noticing it, before doing a double take and then looking again? An idea that maybe you wondered why you’ve never thought about before? An idea so different that you wonder why people don’t do it more often?

I did. I came up with an interesting idea to build and nurture the relationships with people who have taken the time and energy to make even a small investment in either of my blogs.

I’m going to leave a comment on the blog of every single person who’s ever commented on mine!

At least once a month, I’m going to make a note of every single commenter on my blog, and then leave a thoughtful, useful and genuine comment on theirs.

And here’s why I’m going to return every single comment that I’ve received:


Why I’m embarking on this comment marketing plan

1. To build relationships with my readers 

My first and foremost aim with my crazy comment marketing strategy is to build solid relationships with you guys, my readers. I genuinely enjoy interacting with everyone who takes the time out to leave a comment for me via my blog. I believe that relationships are important in building a business and works best if both parties show a mutual level of interest.

2. Because I owe it to you

Every person that comments takes time out of their schedule, even if it’s just a minute, to show some level of interest in myself and my blog. There comments help me in a number of ways, while the commenter doesn’t necessarily receive the same return on investment. While I’m not a big proponent of the idea of karma, I do genuinely believe that if someone does you a favour, that at the very least you should try to do the same for them. I believe that a simple return comment on their is the least that I can do to give back to my reader community.

3. Because it’s different

I’ve never been really one to follow the crowd. I’ll admit, a big part of me loving my crazy comment marketing idea is because I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this before. Who doesn’t love being a trailblazer? Who doesn’t love to be able to put their hand up and proudly say that “I did it first?”

I do! So consider this one small step for bloggers, and one giant leap for blog kind!

4.  It’s great for SEO

Part of my interest for replying to comments is that genuine and relevant comments play a critical role in determining search engine rankings, particularly Google. Replying to comments will encourage others to come over and do the same for my blog, providing the jet fuel that will help power my content to the top of Google searches!

5. It will boost traffic

I’ll admit: I get a kick from seeing an upward spike on my Google Analytics webpage! By commenting on a number of blogs, I’m guaranteed to get traffic back to my site, either from the site owner and/or from others reading the comments. The more traffic that I get, the more likely my content will be read. In addition, receiving more traffic helps me better analyze and produce better content. This is because analytic information such as the time spent on each page and the flow of traffic to different pages gives me an idea as to what content is best liked and what isn’t, which will help me to craft better content in the future.

6. It builds my thought leadership profile

By commenting on other blogs, it helps demonstrate to others that I have knowledge and expertise on the area I’m commenting on. Of course, displaying expertise is an important part of any marketing strategy, as this is what will encourage clients to hire as well as assist in spreading my influence.


I don’t intend to keep this up forever – there may come a time when number of comments on my blog makes returning the favour no longer feasible or possible. Until then, I’m hoping that my crazy comment marketing strategy works!


Do you frequently comment on blogs? Do you get comments/traffic/other benefits in return? Let me know about your own personal comment marketing strategy!


2 comments on “My Crazy Comment Marketing Strategy

  1. Emelia says:

    Hey Daryl, I think your idea is great and it shows that you value people, especially your readers. I do comment on blogs. But I make sure that I leave genuine comments. I do think it is important to acknowledge the hard work of fellow bloggers by leaving comments.

    I learnt about commenting as a way of building relationships and boosting traffic from John3:16 (this is a group of International Christian Writers). I had just released a book then and had not started freelance blogging. Commenting on each other’s blogs is seen (by the group) as a way of supporting each other to build online communities.

    I think it is a ‘cool’ idea to use the comment system as a marketing strategy. I honestly believe it will work to your advantage. Remember, I “met” you through your comments on other bloggers’ posts. All the best!

    • Daryl George says:

      Hey Emelia,

      What you said is spot on – it’s important to acknowledge other people’s hard work as well by sending them a comment or two! And you’re spot on – commenting on other’s blogs is a great way of building an online community. And yes I do remember! I hope you had a good weekend btw :)

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