February and March Freelance Writing Income Reports

The only way is up for my income reports!

The only way is up for my income reports!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted my freelance income reports. January, to be exact. Since I know you’ve been missing my income reports, I’m going to give you a double dose of what you’ve been missing for the past couple months with income reports from both February AND March. I know – two awesome surprises in one!

For me at Freelance Writer Startup, lots has been happening both online AND offline. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months:


Offline Happenings

I added another continent to my list as I went to Abu Dhabi  for my “day job” purposes. Despite spending the first few days jet lag, I really enjoyed it and met a lot of awesome people! Not only that but I got went to the desert where I rode a camel! Talk about memorable moments! By the time my workshop was over I didn’t want to leave, and experienced a bit of post trip blues as I settled back into work. I also flew to Barbados for a weekend for personal reasons, and I did enjoy my time there at least. As a result mainly of the hectic planning for Abu Dhabi, including visa applications, funding, and other concerns, I was a bit stretched in terms of time for the month.

Me and my new camel buddy!

Me and my new camel buddy!

Online Happenings

While I was in Abu Dhabi I got an email from a content marketing firm looking for writers! Even though I was trying to juggle with a million different things while away, I did manage to fire off a quick test article for the content marketing company. I was accepted (of course!) and started immediately. As a result of a slightly tough schedule, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much. But rest assured, this WILL change and I’ll get back on my horse in keeping you guys updated.

Also, I decided to cancel my Aweber subscription. Quite simply, it was a product that I am not in a position to fully take advantage of. Despite some of the horror stories I’ve heard from people using other providers, mine has been perfectly fine. In addition, without any sort of product to sell (besides my writing services) there really is no need to use Aweber.

Are you ready for the figures now? Here are my February and March freelance writing income reports:


February Freelance Writing Income Report

Freelance Writing Income – $0


Freelance Writing Expenses – $44:

Freelance Writers Den – $25

Aweber – $19


March Freelance Writing Income Report

Freelance Writing Income –$230


Freelance Writing Expenses:$44

Freelance Writers Den –$25

Aweber – $19


April Forecast – So long, and thanks for the fish

So…I’m totally going to be quitting my job with the content marketing firm for a number of reasons.  This isn’t particularly the fault of either myself or the content agency, but I don’t particularly feel that we’re a good fit at this present moment. I know some people may think that it’s crazy to give up a steady paying gig, but when you know that that work doesn’t suit you, then it’s time to give it up. As a result, I’ll probably take a hit over April and May as I search for new clients.

Of course, this does mean that I’m back on the freelance writing market! If you’re in need of a good freelance writer to provide quality content at a reasonable price, shoot me an email at daryl@freelancewriterstartup, use my contact form, or just leave me a comment! I’ll give you a no cost quote, so you really have nothing to lose!


4 comments on “February and March Freelance Writing Income Reports

  1. Rob McNelis says:

    Love the income reports. Big fan of Pat Flynn who does this aswell :)

    Nice post by the way!

    Random side note… Right now, I’m focused on generating traffic. Do you use any strategies other than content marketing? Curious to hear your answer.

    Rob McNelis recently posted…Ain’t worried ’bout nothin’My Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      Hey Rob,

      Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier. Things such as comment marketing and forum marketing have also been useful. But if you really want to generate traffic, I’d say that you should target some medium sized to big blogs for guest posting.

      Of course I’m a big fan of Pat’s as well!

  2. Jinshana says:

    I found your post insightful and a pleasure to read. I am starting to freelancing on my own and hope to get work online as much as i could. Now i only have 1 ongoing project. And my 4 nights spent bidding at Freelancer.com or Upwork doesn’t pay off for me.

    Most looks suspicious, wanna hire me by email and only give detail to me in email. Doesn’t sound so nice to work with and never wanna talk about my paing method or how i will get paid at which day.

    Now. I am crafting my pitch so i can send off. Cold Calling. It’s basic.

    Do you have any advice regarding cold calling? I mostly write for hospitality and spa industry sectir. Looking forward to write about health and fitness.

    I can sell my content writing for websites also.


    • Daryl George says:

      Hi Jinn,

      The vast majority of posts on bid sites, with a few exceptions, are extremely low paying. My recommendation to you would be to first get some sample clips, if possible guest post on a few reputable sites. After you’ve gotten one or two posts published, then search for sites that hire multiple writers in your niche, or search for specific publications in your niche that pay, and then send them off to them. If possible, comment on these sites/blogs and interact with other people in your niche as well.

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