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On the internet, there are a huge number of resources available for the freelance writer, both paid and free. After much deliberation on my part, I recently signed up to the Freelance Writers Den (Join Freelance Writers Den) , a  popular resource for new and experienced bloggers, which costs $25 per month. After spending my first month in the Den and participating in a wide range of activities, I’ve decided to give to provide my own unbiased Freelance Writers Den review.


The Freelance Writer’s Den – Intro

The Freelance Writers Den is the brainchild of Carol Tice,  who also runs the website Make a Living Writing. Carol is freelance writer and popular blogger who decided to put together a community where there is easy access to well organized quality information.  For assistance, she has drafted in Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer as the other “Den Mother” who serves as a co-host to many of the Den’s activities. In addition, she has a number of well-known freelance writers and bloggers that also assist in providing regular support in the Den.

The Website Makeup

The Den has a number of specialized areas that make up the core of the website. These areas include:


The Job Board

The Library

E-Courses and Bootcamps

The Forum

I will go through each of these areas and give my own personal evaluation of the good and bad of each section.



The events that are held in the Den are in the form of weekly live calls. Every Tuesday, Carol will conduct a call with an expert on a particular topic, and members are able to ask questions and get answers in real time. For example, last week’s topic was “How to succeed as a freelance writer  from anywhere”,  a topic which held great interest to me. On it were Mridu Khullar Relph,  Sophie  Lizard, and Erin Raub, three popular international freelance writers.

After being on the call, I can confidently say that these calls are of excellent value – you get the chance to ask any relevant question you want to an actual expert in the pertinent field. As an added benefit, even if you miss the call, the audio file is provided for you to listen at your own leisure.


The Job Board

The job board is updated twice weekly with freelance writing related jobs that usually pay $50 and above. The best aspect about the job board is that there’s no need to regularly weed through low paying jobs, as you are assured that all jobs will pay a decent rate.

The only downside is that the job board simply isn’t updated frequently or quickly enough, and most job offers are those that have been pulled from other sources – meaning that depending on the date posted, you may be getting the posting up to two days after it has been offered elsewhere. This may put you at a disadvantage as your application gets buried among those from others, as it has been shown that people who get their applications in earlier tend to have a higher likelihood of being accepted.


E-courses and bootcamps

The E-courses and bootcamps section is where all of the serious training material is kept.  There are over a dozen short courses, and usually run about 4-5 presentations, and include topics such as:

Building a Website that Works

A Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success

Break Into Business Writing

Marketing Basics

Each of these courses includes an audio file, a written transcript for those who prefer to read, and accompanying relevant presentation material. For several of these presentations, Carol also interviews relevant experts. After going through a couple of these presentations, I’ve personally found that these courses are highly detailed and contain enough information to be run as stand-alone courses, and provide easy to follow guidance on the topic they cover.


The Library

The Den has its own personal resource library where one off important resources and links to relevant information is kept. Some of the resources contained in the library include:

Case studies

Example of best practice writer websites

Sample Writing Contracts

Template blogging questionnaires

Sample Pitches

The library is a great place for you to access the material that will answer almost every basic freelance writing question.  The samples in particular are useful, since it takes out much of the guesswork involved with creating your own contract or pitch.


The Forum

The forum is where everybody goes to get their questions answered that aren’t already covered in the other areas of the Den. Like other forums, this one is segmented into specialized areas where you can get personalized feedback on almost any aspect of writing. It includes helpful areas such as a pitch clinic where your pitches will be personally critiqued, or a section to submit your website and have it evaluated, usually by Carol herself as well as other Den members.

One personal plus for the forum is that it seems to have exactly the right amount of people. There aren’t so many that your requests for a pitch or website review get overlooked, yet there are enough people that you can get a decent amount of interaction.


In short, the Freelance Writer’s Den offers the most comprehensive and detailed freelance site that I have seen advertised. It serves as a one stop shop for freelance writers of almost every level of knowledge and experience.  Not only that, but the fact that you can get personalized feedback on almost any topic of interest puts the icing on the cake on what is already a great deal.

As far as paid resources go, the Den represents the absolute pinnacle of value for money. Not only do you get your $25 worth, but it goes above and beyond what you would expect for that price. If you are at all in any way serious about improving your freelance writing career, I’d say that investing in the Den is probably one of the best decisions you could ever make.


Do you have any questions about the Freelance Writing Den?  Do you have your own Freelance Writers Den review? Share them with me below! If you’d like to join the Freelance Writers Den, just click the following link! (PS – if you’re not looking for freelance writing training but would like a quality writer to write for you, I’m available! Just check my contact page here for more information on how I can help you with your freelance writing needs.)


PPS – The Freelance Writers Den is NOW OPEN. If you are interested in signing up, please click on the link below – it’s an affiliate link that will cost you nothing extra but will help me out greatly. Hope to see you there!


Join Freelance Writers Den

11 comments on “The Freelance Writers Den Review

  1. Hi Daryl,

    Saw your guest post on Carol Tice’s site – great post. I just signed up this morning for the Writers Den and I am super excited. I think it’s the best bang for the buck I will get!
    Shelly Drymon recently posted…Holiday Gifts – Consider Donating To A CharityMy Profile

  2. I definitely agree with your review; for $25, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Another added value is that many of the calls and smaller courses that Carol offers outside the group is automatically included your Den membership
    Nicolia Whyte recently posted…Are you a mom? Then you can be a freelance writerMy Profile

  3. Tanya Adams says:

    Hi Daryl, I love your review on the Den. I’m so glad that I found it myself. It has been the single most important resource in helping me begin my freelance writing career. It’s definitely worth it!
    Tanya Adams recently posted…Are Promotional Items Effective?My Profile

  4. Hey Daryl,

    Saw your comment on Jon Morrow’s recent post and stopped by for a good look around.

    And I found Carol Tice. This lady is everywhere, from the cover of Writer’s Market to my own town where she invited her readers to a free breakfast in downtown Portland, Oregon.

    You can’t say enough good things about her. Me either, but she’s pretty great.

    Glad to see you’ve had a good experience with her.


    • Daryl George says:

      Hey David,

      Carol is definitely one of the best mentors and teachers in the freelance writing industry. I’ve definitely only had positive interactions with her, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone interested learning more about freelance writing.

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