January Freelance Writing Income Report

January 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

That air that you feel whipping past you, ruffling your clothes and blowing your hair? That’s January that just went screaming past. I can’t fault you if the month flying by quickly has left you in a daze – I know it has for me. For all of my dedicated readers, I hope that you’ve had a great start to your year. Now that the month is over, for Freelance Writer Startup it means one thing: your monthly income report! Please buckle up and get ready for the ride as I take you through my January 2014 freelance writing income report.

Online happenings

Although I don’t have much to report, what I do have to say is pretty exciting. I decided to try to adjust to a regular schedule for blog posts, and bar last week, I managed to stick rigidly to the schedule. If you’re waiting for brand new fresh content, it will be published on this blog every Monday. In addition, I managed to secure two great guest post slots. For one of these sites, I’ve written for them before, so I’m glad that they were willing to approve my guest posting idea at almost the last minute. The second guest posting slot I’m especially excited for, as it is with a relatively high profile site that is going to fit in with the new direction this blog will be taking (more on that in a minute). In addition, I managed to gain a new client, which I will again speak to more in detail later.

Now let’s get to it – exactly how much did I make in this month’s freelance writing income?

January 2014 freelance writing income report

Freelance Writing Income:


Freelance Writing Expenses:

$25 Freelance Writers Den Subscription

$19 Aweber Subscription

Total Profit:


January recap

As should be obvious, for January I did not work on any paying gigs. This is in direct contrast to my intent to ramp things up for the new year, and things certainly didn’t go to plan. My biggest problem was that I simply didn’t pitch enough. Landing clients is in large part a numbers game, and the more potential clients you contact the more likely you will be to land a gig. While I did write a few pitches, they simply didn’t pan out, as most of the responses were either that they’ll keep me on file or that they don’t hire freelance writers. Simply put, I’ll have to send out more quality pitches this month to avoid a repeat of my earnings.


February forecast and new direction

This month I’ll have a twofold concentration:

1. More quality pitches

This month I intend to concentrate on sending as many detailed and tailored pitches and job board applications as possible. For February I’ll send out a minimum of 50 pitches, although I’ll do my best to hit 60. This may sound like a lot, but in reality it’s only 2 pitches per day, which I feel is more than adequate.

In addition, I’m also going to crank up the number of job board gigs that I apply for. While job boards aren’t necessarily the best way to go to secure gigs, they do work. In fact, I am currently in negotiations with one potential client whose ad was featured on a job board. I’ll concentrate on gigs that pay decently and avoid the bottom feeder clients. This month I’ll apply for a minimum of 20 gigs, but my target goal is 30.

And of course if you’re reading this and in need of a great freelance writer I’m available!


2. More targeted guest posts

Something that I have known but haven’t quite realised until now is the power of guest posting. Simply put, I now have come to the realisation that guest posting is the most effective way to build my income. However, there is a caveat to my assertion: this depends greatly on the sites that you are guest posting on!

I’ve realised that I have made two big mistakes when it comes to guest posting: I haven’t guest posted enough and I’ve concentrated on the wrong sites to guest post on. While I have and will continue to guest post on freelance related sites, I realised that these are not the optimal sites to guest post on. These sites cater to mainly budding or intermediate freelance writers – and while you guys are great this simply isn’t the market that has a strong demand for web copy for their sites. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on guest posting for business and marketing related websites who will need strong, engaging content for their blog. My aim is to successfully pitch at least one good high quality guest post per week to business related sites that have a decent level of visitors and engagement, getting my expertise displayed in front of business owners that need blog posts, white papers, case studies, landing pages, and other forms of relevant content.


So what do you guys think of my February freelance writing income report? Do you have any comments or questions? I’d love your suggestions as well on how to boost my income, so please leave feedback below!

8 comments on “January Freelance Writing Income Report

  1. I’m just starting out myself. I don’t have profit boosting advice.

    Looks to me that your headed in the right direction. I like how you broke your pitches to 2 a day.

    I also like how you have a strong marketing plan. I can learn from your ideas.

    Thanks for being transparent and letting us in at the start up phase.

  2. Samuel says:

    No matter what happens, always keep going cause it will soon turn to massive profits!

    I was reading the amount of pitches you’re sending out and they’re alot!

    I myself am looking to target my guest posts and get them on higher publication media websites.

    Thanks for sharing!

    keep up the good work,

    – Sam
    Samuel recently posted…Jon Acuff: The New York Times Bestselling Author on Internet DreamsMy Profile

  3. Mark says:

    Keep going! I’ve seen a lot of income reports from bloggers making 50,000 per month with their first 6 months being in the red.

    Keep yourself accountable and the money will come.
    Mark recently posted…Being Selfish is the Ultimate SelflessnessMy Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the reassurance. I’m actually not that worried. Things are definitely looking up this month, and even if income doesn’t come rolling in before the end of this month it will certainly hit my account by next month!

  4. Emelia says:

    Daryl it is always encouraging to read your reports. Not that I am encouraged by bad reports, but you make this freelancing journey practical and real. It will be easy for me to refer people to you for help tomorrow because I know that you started from zero. Again, it is easy for me to believe and take whatever you say because I can identify with what you go through.

    Once again, thanks.
    Emelia recently posted…Do You Know These 4 Things You Must Do Quickly After Attending a Free Webinar?My Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      Glad it’s encouraging! And yeah it’s important to be transparent even when things aren’t going great. Lots of people who are rich started at the bottom, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working your way up.

      And at least I can guarantee that this month will be much better than January!

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