June 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

accounting-343067_1920Welcome freelance writers, browsers, and general internet viewing public! You have reached the June edition of my monthly freelance writing income report. Every month, I publish the details on freelance income, as well as my general freelance related activities for the month, for a number of very good reasons explained in this previous post.

If you read last month’s post, you’d know that the end of May and the beginning of June were very hectic months for me. As a result, I decided to take the rest of June off in order to get a bit of rest and relaxation before jumping back headfirst into freelance writing. How did that work out?

June 2014 Freelance Overview

As I mentioned above, I did in fact take the rest of June off. I did a couple of one-off jobs for one client, but they didn’t amount to much. In fact, one of the jobs I did not get paid for, which is something I’m soon going to have to chase up very seriously with my client! During June I did what could be considered a freelance writing detox! Not only did I not apply to any freelance writing jobs or do any significant freelance writing work, but I also refrained from visiting or commenting on many of the sites that I usually frequent. As a result there was also a noticeable drop in website visitors, since I rely in large part on comment and forum marketing to drive traffic. However, since my main method of monetization isn’t traffic, that caused very little concern, and by next month I’m sure my traffic will return to normal levels.

What was interesting was that I made a sale for one of Carol Tice’s freelance writing boot camps. Not a huge sum, but it was certainly an unexpected bright spot in a rather quiet month! For those who have never heard of her, Carol Tice is a freelance writer and teacher extraordinaire over at Make a Living Writing. In addition, she also has a great product in the Freelance Writers Den, probably one of the best freelance writing resources available on the internet bar none. If you are seriously intending on becoming a freelance writer, I highly recommend that you join the Den, which will be opening this weekend! If you’d like to learn more about the Den, you can always read my personal review here.*

Now onto my freelance writing income report:


June 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report


Affiliate Income: $97

Freelance Writing Income: $21

Total Income; $118



Freelance Writing Den: $25


Total Profit:


July Forecast

The extra money I made from last month’s affiliate sale will come in handy since I have a number of bills to pay for renewal of domain names and a few other expenses. However, the really big news comes in the form of the changing of my business model. After long internal dialogue on how to select the best niche for my freelance writing skills (I explain why every freelance writer should select a niche in a previous post here) I’ve finally come to a decision in what area I’m going to specialize in. It will take me a few weeks at the very least before I offer services in this area, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info! In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quality writer, please contact me now for quotes or more info on my services.

I would love to hear feedback from other freelance writers on how their June went, and would be more than happy to answer any questions for those interested in getting into the freelance writing arena (gloves on guys!).



*Affiliate links included. Purchasing Den membership through my affiliate link will cost you nothing, but will go a long way in providing me with income to keep my blog going.

2 comments on “June 2014 Freelance Writing Income Report

  1. Emelia says:

    Hey Daryl,

    Funny, I didn’t know you took a “freelance writing detox”. I kept looking for your comments on some of the blogs I know you regularly comment on. I did this because I wanted to visit your site. I signed up for your subscriber list twice but I never get your posts in my mail box. I will do it again now and hope it works this time.
    Emelia recently posted…3 Stupid Reasons Why I Haven’t Been BloggingMy Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      Hey Emelia,

      I’m actually changing from Aweber to Mailchimp – and may actually write a blog post about that! As a result I need to switch my subscriber list over before I can send any new mails, which should be within the next few days.

      Yes life got a bit hectic between day job, volunteering and freelance writing and so I really had to take a break. Now I’ll be trying to focus on balancing everything a bit better.

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