October Freelance Writing Income Report

October Freelance Writing Income Report

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October’s come and gone, so this means that my monthly freelance writing income report is due! If you’re new to the site and want to know why I decided to publicly announce my income, I give a detailed explanation about it right here .

Let’s get to it!


October Offline Happenings

October was an extremely hectic month for me in terms of my “offline” life. Even before the month began I knew that there would be some challenges with regards to finding time to dedicate to building my freelance writing career. For starters, I celebrated my birthday in October (yay!) which coincided with my girlfriend’s visit. Both of these would mean that I would be taking several days off to celebrate.

In addition, I took a trip out of the country for a long weekend to attend my youngest sister’s graduation, which also meant that I wouldn’t be doing any work on these days either.

Because of the fact that I knew that a large portion of my month would be rendered unproductive, I made the decision not to pitch, query, or apply for any freelance writing gigs. In hindsight, this turned out to be a wiser decision than I had planned, because I got sick with the flu! Even if I had wanted to do client work, I probably would have struggled to complete it, so I’m pretty happy that I took a planned “off month” for October.

October Online Happenings

Despite the fact that I was challenged in terms of time and didn’t do any paid client work, I did manage to do quite a bit of other freelance writing related work. My September freelance writing income report ended up becoming my most popular post for the month on my blog, while several other posts also had quite a bit of traffic.

In addition to the blog posts on my own sites, I also managed to secure two rather valuable guest post slots! Carol Tice of  Make A Living Writing and Sophie Lizard of Be A Freelance Blogger  both accepted a guest post each from me, and both guest posts should be going live this month. A special thanks to Carol, who really helped me to refine my post and taught me some very valuable lessons about headline writing!

Now to the fun part:

October Freelance Writing Income Report

Freelance Writing Income

Total Freelance Writing Income – $0


Freelance Writing Related Expenses

Aweber Monthly Renewal  – $19

Freelance Writers Den Subscription – $25

Total Freelance Writing Expenses -$44


October Takeaways

I didn’t make any money this month – but this was completely planned. I knew that I’d be too busy to concentrate much on client work, which resulted with me not making a single pitch, query, or application. I’m also not worried that I didn’t make anything this month – popular writer and blogger Tom Ewer has made up to $6000 per month from writing , although when he started he didn’t make a dime for the first 5 months of his blog life!

In other news, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den. I’d heard lots about the Den, but wanted to wait until I had at least secured my first freelance writing client.  Since doing so, I decided that the Den would be a great investment to improve my writing career.  I don’t want to give too much away right now, but I will provide a complete and unbiased review in one of my upcoming blog posts!


Goals for November

My goals for November are:

  1. Gain one new long term client
  2. Gain one short term client
  3. 3 guest posts accepted
  4. At least $500 in income

This month I will be concentrating on getting some guest posts accepted in the business niche in order to grow my authority. I already have some expertise in that area (a related Master’s Degree) so I think that would be the most natural area for me to get into. If you’d like to follow that aspect, catch me over at http://darylgeorge.com

I love comments – so if you have something to add, or if you want to give your own October freelance writing income report, please let me know in the comments section below.

4 comments on “October Freelance Writing Income Report

  1. Emelia says:

    Lol, Daryl-I can’t believe I’m commenting again while my last comment is still waiting for moderation. I am just glad you are sharing this with your readers.I am new to freelance blogging and your posts helps me to put things into perspective and not have unrealistic expectations. Thanks, All the best for November. I will also start writing my monthly goals in my personal diary.
    Emelia recently posted…Your Online Freelance Writing Career Is Doomed If You Don’t Adopt These Writing EthicsMy Profile

    • Daryl George says:

      That’s right – I really do think that the warts and all approach is the best. Freelance writing, like anything else, isn’t the path to instant riches and success. The problem is, you don’t usually see the failures included with the success stories. Good luck to you too for November!



  2. Thanks for sharing! I totally love seeing what you are up to! :)
    Shelly Drymon recently posted…Holiday Gifts – Consider Donating To A CharityMy Profile

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