The ceremony of the 3rd Infantry Division ID 293rd Military Police Company, dedication of eastern red bud trees represents each soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice, during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Bass, CIV Released. A color guard marches in a parade during the Armed Forces Day celebration. With Moffett Field scheduled for closing, local citizens are saluting the air station's contributions to the community as part of the events of the Compayn. Inaugural parade, the U. A color guard marches during boot camp graduation at the Naval Training Center. A 25th Infantry Division, color guard marches in a parade during the joint U.

A color guard marches at the head of a Navy unit during the National Victory Celebration parade. The day-long celebration is being held in honor of the coalition forces that liberated Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm. The Lincoln Memorial is in the background. The parade 2293rd being held in honor of all veterans, with special recognition being given 293rd Military Police Company units that took part in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Compahy young boy waits patiently under some balloons for a loved one returning to Cottrell Field, Fort Stewart, Ga.

Army photo by Sharon T. Compajy Released. Army CAPT. Jennifer D. Among the U. While deployed to Baquba, Iraq, both soldiers lost an arm each, when a rocket propelled grenade ripped through their vehicle. Sergeant Herbert was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Two sons hold a large replica Miliitary a Time Magazine cover with a photo of their dad, U. Steven Barnett, as the Man of the Year. One brother holds the microphone while the other brother speaks to the Cokpany interviewing them.

Family and friends of U. Army PVT. A member of the 21st Military Police Company, rd Military Police Battalion Airbornedeployed for crowd control in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo, checks Celki Medical Company driver of a civilian vehicle. Army SPEC. Army photo by SGT. Jeffrey Alexander Released.