I fondly remember Altmans; my mother worked part-time in the childrens dept. I was on its 17 Fashion Board in the late fifties while in high school and loved wearing clothes and walking around the store modeling them. Altmans was like a family; Mr. Burke then President knew everyone and always said hello to you. I loved the Charleston Gardens where we had fashion shows for teenagers on Saturday morning complete with brunch. Would the employee thrift shop have been located on the 13th floor?

My Aunt Cassie Rutledge worked there. Very nice, I really like info about each floor. Actually I'm looking for information about B. Altman tables, I have few in my house and don't know where to start. Can you guys help me or give an advice? I worked at Altman's from B Altman And Company Department Store in the home textiles division, progressing from an executive trainee to a buyer. Altman and Co. R U Ed Walsh? I believe I met you when the southern textile mills honored you for your efforts in resisting the flow of inferior textile products from China.

Shopping at B. I agree wholeheartedly, that Altman's was magnificent. I bought a trench coat from B. It was beautifully made and served me well for many years. I will never forget the older gentleman who sold it to me, with a thick foreign Noodles And Company Shoreview, and impeccably dressed. He was doted on me as a young man, and gave me the impression that he wouldn't let me leave the store unless the coat fit properly, and I, as well, understood how to wear it.

When I asked if I could pay with a check, he replied with a question, "And why not? I felt they had B Altman And Company Department Store knack for having just about the best of anything in stock, and must have known their customer well, to prospered independently for so long.

I was employed by B. Altman from both in sales and later in management. I have many pleasant memories of the store and the level of service that seems to be a thing of the past today. Altman was where I developed my taste for neckties. As a young man working on Park Avenue and 45th street in the mid's, I took a now year old letter to be framed at B. Altman, probably on the Eight Floor. They did an enduring job, with acid free, archival paper and the proper glass and frame.

In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country! Altman on Fifth Avenue. Altman's X Factor Company had opened a short-lived store at Willow Grove Park in suburban Philadelphia in I guess Altman's thought that their long standing presence on the Main Line would stimulate traffic at the new store.

I too bought a rain Matrix Company Qatar at Altman's at the St David's store not long before it closed. I grew up to the rhythm of Manhattan during the 60's. The Manhasset store in the 's and 's was rather run down even with the new extension ; however, the quality of the goods and service made up for it. There was no service better. We always had the same sales associates and they knew us by name.

I have an Altman's coffee table and am trying to find out how much it is worth. I can't find any B Altman's furniture for sale on the internet.

Any ideas? R U sure the coffee table is a B Altman brand table? Altman's sold various brands in their furniture dept. I have a boston rocker from Altman's Not sure but I think the brand was Williamburg Regardless, I am not sure Altman's had its own brand. They did have a great furniture selection. New York I got it for moving a movie star to our state. My husband has cancer and I need to sell now. Someone please help me if you know how I can do this. I do have a picture She may be able to help you.

Former Altman's employees family. I recall some of the furniture at Altman's. Impecable reproductions of period pieces and beautiful dining room sets. Least we forget, during the Christmas season, the Fifth Avenue store changed their lamp shades on the counters to red!

What a beautiful sight to see. The perfect classy seasonal statement. For years they or whoever ran things for them controlled the Altman's stores. In the 80's the court's ruled again this practice why I have no idea and well we see what happened. A real estate developer Compo????? Well not to worry, if it had survived it would now be Macy's! I used to work part time at the Manhasset store. I was a college student. I worked as a salesgirl in whatever department they put me in that day and if someone wanted something gift wrapped, we had to go in the back room and wrap it also.

I met another college student there and we had great fun together. She was a free spirit and was on break from going to University of Miami. All these years later I can not remember her name but can picture her face. We had great fun B Altman And Company Department Store our lunch breaks on saturdays.

Thank you, Evelyn, for this insight into the world of Altman's. I had the pleasure to shop there once, and it impressed me as a great and very gracious store. B Altman And Company Department Store years there was a lovely woman who worked in the housewares dept at the Manhasset Altman's. She also worked in the Honest Company Diaper Trial dept.

I can't remember her name, but she was Polish with a Polish accent and she could answer any question about any book. I was once looking at plastic outdoor Dole Fruit Company glasses" She told me they were less money, and were the proper way to drink a beverage Well remember they are less expensive That was the perfect service at Altman's.

Today customers are looking for a deal! They expect price breaks and refunds for over pricing. People today will not pay for that old fashion service. I wonder if Evelyn knows this nice lady? I wonder if Evelyn ever served me in the store. What a small world! And how pleasant for me, that this small world comes together on a site I created about a topic I find fascinating. Above you'll find my story of a Polish salesman at Altman's, whom I will never forget, and your story about the glasses reminds me of my family - both here and in Poland - who will only drink tea in a glass it tastes betterand when they take you by the arm and let you into their world, it can be a special thing.

Thanks for sharing your stories. I bought my Mom a Mother's Day gift. What was going on externally that may have influenced its downfall? Put simply, it was taken over in a leveraged-buyout, and the buyer went bankrupt because of crushing debt, taking down Altman's and the other stores he owned. My personal belief is that if the store maintained the principles and "style" that made it unique, it had a better chance to survive. Externally, I believe a new generation didn't care about shipping at stores like Altman's; they just wanted a lot of things and were content to go to a warehouse to get them.

My opinions are just that; I never had to run a multi-million dollar business in a difficult economic climate, and I certainly don't know it all. However, many of us miss the chance to shop at such a historic and beautiful store. The reason Altman's was sold was because the owners were legally not permitted to continue ownership MMA? People who shopped in Altman's never shopped at warehouse stores Hi, I love reading all these wonderful comments about B.

It was owned by a non-profit organization, the Altman Foundation. The US Government ruled B Altman And Company Department Store the store had to be sold due to being owned by a non-profit organization.

B. Altman and Company

B. Altman and Company was a luxury department store and chain, founded in 1865 in New York City, New York, by Benjamin Altman. In 1865, Altman founded B. Altman & Co., a dry goods store located on Third Avenue and 10th Street in New York City.…