Website created! History of the Baker Guns. The Baker evolution is complicated and our first word of the gunmaker started with the W. Baker in Marathon producing a variety of guns. Baker until Smith and his Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader Leroy. Baker eventually went to Ithaca, N. Leroy H. Smith soon followed from Syracuse.

Baker left Ithaca early and returned to Syracuse to work with his brother Dr. Ellis Baker at the Syracuse Forging Co. They manufactured a hammer gun which was called the "New Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader. At the time of the move W. Hollenbeck as plant superintendent Several different guns owe part of their designs to Frank A.

Hollenbeck - Baker, Syracuse Arms Co. Smith in Syracuse. Baker grades changed over the years, and the A and B grades were not marked on the frame after about Later A and B grades in the range showed grade markings Equality Trust Company. The Expert and De Luxe grades were added, too.

R Grade engraving changed to a single dog looking up at a single bird on each side. A high grade trap gun with "Holland Fluid Steel" and special engraving was also offered. Aboutthe Dagon Apparel Company bolting Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader was redesigned for the Paragon and higher grades to use a Greener style round cross bolt.

The first Baker hammerless boxlock, referred to as the C Grade, was Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader by Baker for Montgomery Ward inwith Ward's name on the rib. To reduce costs the Batavia line did not have the "firing pin block safety" or the "draw block" which passes transversely through the barrel lug and mates into recesses in Xtra Leasing Company frame.

The Batavia Leader number series were from 75, to about ,; including the Batavia Brush in the late part of the series. There were also Batavia Leaders late in the Baker Gun and Forging production numbered in the non-exclusive 49, range. Batavia Specials were numbered in thetorange exclusively. There are a small number of exceptions Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader guns in the 39, 48, range which were probably finished late with whatever unused receivers, etc were available. In the fall ofFolsom Baker magazine ads listed a bore Batavia Leader, but it is unclear if any were actually manufactured.

Folsom era Bakers usually have Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader F before or after the serial numbers 1- Xcape Dance Company Eugene 14, Catalog No. Baker Gun Co. Baker, and the factory was converted to the manufacture of automobile parts. AboutBaker guns were produced prior to the Folsom take-over; Folsom production numbers do not exist.

News Website created! This website is still under construction, please visit us later! History of the Guns History of the Baker Guns The Baker evolution is complicated and our first word of the gunmaker started with the W.

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Baker Gun Company 16 Gauge Side by Side shotgun. This shotgun is in good condition throughout. The barrels are 30 inch fluid steel and are in good condition for the age of the gun. ... Baker Gun Co. Batavia Leader 10 Gauge shotgun. Batavia Leader Damascus 10 gauge double with excellent bores. Gun locks up tight. No hinge pin looseness. Barrel ...… • Baker Gun Co. Batavia Special

Jan 30, 2012 · My serial number -year made tables for the Baker Gun Company Batavia Special only go up to serial number 153,200 which was made in 1915. Are you sure you have the model name and serial number correct? The serial number should be stamped on the main frame water table (the flat part where the barrels close up).…

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Buy Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader: GunBroker is the largest seller of Side By Side Shotguns Shotguns Guns & Firearms All . Advanced ... The Baker Gun com. made shotguns in Batavia NY from 1903 to 1933. Metal quality and condition is very good; bores are mirror bright. Metal finish is fine blue on the barrels and color case hardening on the ...…

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Dec 24, 2012 · $300 FTF in Illinois with valid FOID. Face to face in Illinois would be best. I am not an FFL or C+R, so FTF would be best. This is a BAKER BATAVIA LEADER double-barrel shotgun. This was made between 1909 and 1919, I believe, made in Batavia, New York. Here's what I could find out: The Baker Gun & Forging Co. had a line of double barrel shotguns, sidelocks, called Batavia guns in 1903.…

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Jan 12, 2003 · When Baker Gun & Forging sold their gun business to H.& D. Folsom in 1919, it was renamed Baker Gun Co. and the Batavia Leader was reintroduced as a steel barrel gun similar to the old Batavia Special. It should have a 'F' on the action flats following the SN, and 50333 would be at the very end of Folsom production.…