Baker Hughes Company is an international industrial service company and one of the world's largest oil field services companies. The company provides the oil and gas industry with products and services for oil drillingformation evaluationcompletion Baker Hughes A Ge Company Headquarters, production and reservoir consulting.

Baker Hughes is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston. Despite the separation, General Electric still maintains a Baker Hughes operates in over countries across the globe. Baker Hughes is the combination of many companies that have developed and introduced technology to serve the petroleum service industry.

Their combined history dates back to the early s. Hughes, Sr. That year, Hughes, Sr. They conducted two secret tests on a drilling rig in Goose Creek, Texas. Each time, Hughes asked the drilling crew to leave the rig floor, pulled Production Company Lisbon bit from a locked wooden box, and then his associates ran the bit into the hole.

The drill pipe twisted off on the first test, but the second was extremely successful. After Walter Sharp died inHughes purchased Sharp's half of the business. Through the s and s, Hughes Tool Company Peoples Natural Gas Company a private enterprise, owned by Hughes. While Hughes was engaged in his Hollywood and aviation enterprises, managers in Houston, such as Fred Ayers and Maynard Montrose, kept the tool company growing through technical innovation and international expansion.

Inthe Engineering and Research Laboratory was enlarged to accommodate six laboratory sections that housed specialized instruments, such as a direct reading spectrometer and x-ray Baker Hughes A Ge Company Headquarters. InFootball Players With Cupcake Company introduced self-lubricating, sealed bearing rock bits.

After collecting data from thousands of bit runs, Hughes introduced the first comprehensive guides to efficient drilling practices in ; saw the introduction of the X-Line rock bits, combining new cutting structure designs and Baker Hughes A Ge Company Headquarters jets. Reuben C. Baker was a farm boy with a third grade education who followed his brother Aaron Alphonso Baker into the oil business. In he got a job in a California oilfield with 95 cents in his pocket.

First Company Hxx first job was driving a horse team to haul oil for drillers. One year later he became a drilling contractor. In Julythe year-old inventor and entrepreneur was working in Coalinga, California when he was granted a U.

This innovation launched the business that would become Baker Oil Tools. Baker Oil Tools expanded to Houston in the s, and although buffeted by the Great Depressionsurvived and continued growing into the s. Baker died only a few weeks later after a brief illness at the age of During its year history prior to its merger with Baker Hughes, Baker Oil Tools had only three chief executives.

This division was called 'INTEQ drilling fluids' which provided the premier brands in oil and gas well drilling muds and wellbore cleaning fluids. The company's flagship brand was the AutoTrak rotary steerable drilling system which was a pioneering directional drilling tool. Introduced in with Agip S. Inthe only new seismic technology that was being introduced was the 4-dimensional seismic survey monitoring.

Induring a downturn in the petroleum industrythe company merged its Western Geophysical division with Schlumberger 's Geco Geophysical Company of Norway to form WesternGeco. In Aprilthe company pleaded guilty in U. On June 11,during the annual period of negotiations between trade unions, including SAFE, the Norwegian union for energy workers, and their employer counterparts in NorwayBaker Hughes employees were called to a strike actionwhich would have affected over a dozen installations. InUnited Bank And Trust Company company introduced the largest hydraulic fracturing proppants vessel for deepwater work in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was named after Howard Hughes. The merger was approved by both companies' stockholders and was waiting on approval from several jurisdictions; however, on April 6,the United States Department of Justice sued to block the transaction.

There were concerns that the merger would affect competition and prices in the oilfield service industry. On May 1,the companies terminated the merger agreement. The merger was consummated in July In SeptemberGE announced it had sold some of its shares in Baker Hughes, therefore losing its majority control of the company. InCicero C. Brown organized Brown Oil Tools in Houston, and patented the first liner hanger in Liner hangers enable drillers to lengthen their casing strings without having the liner pipe extend all the way to the surface.

This saves capital cost and reduces weight borne by offshore platforms. InBaker Oil Tools introduced the Bakerline casing liner hanger. Inthe FlexLock Liner Hanger was introduced, extending the performance range and functionality of liner hanger systems. Inthe Brown liner hanger technology was merged into Baker Oil Tools.

InBaker Oil Tools introduced multilateral completion systems, which enabled operators to install completion tools and perform selective intervention work in multiple horizontal sections from a common main borehole. Jones, and had employees. It was a leader in mud logging. InH. John Eastman introduced "controlled directional drilling " in Huntington Beach, California, using whipstocks and magnetic survey instruments to deflect the drill pipe from shore-based rigs to reach oil deposits offshore.

InEastman Whipstock Inc. The facility Jackson Paper Company Jobs diamond core heads and drilling bits and soon began producing stabilizers, drilling jars and other equipment. Inthe Celle engineering and manufacturing team introduced the Navi-Drill line of downhole drilling motors, which has led the drilling industry in performance and reliability for three decades.

To receive approval from Us Based Footwear Company United States Department of Justicethe company sold its Hughes Tool diamond bit business. InMax B. Miller devised a drilling mud using a white clay as a weighting material.

To market the new mud, he formed The Milwhite Company in Texas. In the mids, the company mined barites in conjunction with the Magnet Cove Barium Corporation later called Magcobar. After a hiatus during World War II, the company resumed grinding operations using barite from a mine in Missouri Weatherproof Garment Company Stores conducted mud sales through independent distributors.

AfterMilwhite Mud Sales Company built its own sales network. Inthe company acquired Aquaness, and in the combination became Milchem. InBaker Oil Tools acquired Milchem. InBaker International acquired the drilling fluids division of Newpark Resources and merged it Baker Hughes A Ge Company Headquarters Milchem's mud division to form Milpark. Meanwhile, inOil Base Drilling Company was founded by George Miller, and made its first application of oil base mud.

At that time, Wm. Inthe division acquired Cornerstone Pipeline Inspection Group. Tri-State provided milling operation, spears, and packer retrieving.

Western Atlas was divested from Litton Industries in Western Atlas specialized in finding oil by mapping geological formations with sound waves and using wires to manipulate tools and gauges in oil and natural-gas wells. In MayWestern Atlas acquired Sungroup Energy Services, a Canadian well loggingproduction testing, and completion services provider.

During the fourth quarter ofWestern Atlas acquired Geosignal, a seismic data processing company; Seismic Resources, a provider of nonexclusive seismic surveys; and ParaMagnetic Logging, a well-logging research company. In the fourth quarter ofthe company acquired Heartland Kingfisher, a Canadian well-logging company. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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