As Seen In:. Bana Tea - Bringing you the finest Pu-erh Ups Freight Company from Yunnan Bana Tea strives to bring its customers only the finest quality Puerh teas directly from the ten famous tea mountains of Yunnan.

Yunnan Dayeh.? Pu-erh tea starts out its life as a green tea. But over time, the fermentation process transforms it into a black tea. The Bana Company between Pu-erh tea and other teas is that Pu-erh tea is a truly fermented tea where biological Bana Company affected the aroma, color Bana Company flavor of the tea.

The Bana Variety At Bana, we take great pride not only to bring you the highest quality, but the different varieties of Pu-erh tea. From the smooth and earthy aged Pu-erh to the unique and complex flavor of Purple Tipwe make sure there is a tea for everyone. Accessories We believe that the highest quality teas should be enjoyed with the finest teaware. Our selection of bone China tea cups and Gaiwan are the perfect company to enhance your tea-drinking experience.

Proper tea-brewing often presents a Bana Company for beginning tea drinkers. Hidden Treasure At Bana, we like to share with our customers the treasures we discovered during my travels to Yunnan. We hope you find the very special products as enchanting as we did.

Sampler Teas and Gift Packs Bana Tea Company

Bana Tea Company offers a thoughtful selection of premium ripe and raw Pu-erh teas that were researched with great pleasure. We also offer Other Tea Discoveries, non-Pu-erh that we've found to be noteworthy and delicious. These sampler packs give you a chance to test many different flavors then you can purchase your favorite. Buy one for yourself or a friend today.…

Bana Tea Company - Purveyors of Premium Pu-erh Teas

Linda Louie, owner of the Bana Tea Company, has personally traveled throughout the Yunnan Province of China to procure the finest premium ripe and raw Pu-erh teas for you, the tea connoisseur. In addition to limited editions of Pu-erh teas, Bana also offers Oolongs, Nepalese, Black, and other specialty teas that Linda has discovered while visiting the major tea regions of China, Asia, and ...…

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Not Just Boxes. Boxes That Enhance Your Bottom Line. The days of simply "making boxes” are long gone. With our innovative inventory management systems, zero inventory programs, and unparalleled service standards, Bana has become an indispensible manufacturing partner for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.…