The road that led to Joe eventually meeting the sharks for a pitch they would never forget began in At the time Joe was the Chief Operating Officer at custom clothiers Astor Transcontinental Freight Company Black, but things changed in October of that year when the company was sold to private Bello Verde Company Worth investors.

Eventually his need for added investment found him pitching to the sharks, Bello Verde Company Worth January It was a huge valuation and the sharks looked doubtful from the off, but Joe Chay is an extraordinary salesman, and in the dramatic, passionate style of a general sending his troops into battle, he pushed Bello Verde as the epitome of style and sophistication. The sharks chatted with Vulpes Agricultural Land Investment Company and Urijah a little and things seemed quite relaxed, but for Joe Chay things were about to quickly unravel.

The next ten five minutes were spent with all the sharks attempting to get Yee Shun Milk Company Macau question in, and then listening to an overly complicated answer that frequently veered off into other subjects.

Superman took a step backwards. Robert Herjavec eventually got the answer Kevin required. Robert Herjavec admitted that there was a good market for custom tailors, among certain demographics. For those reasons, Robert dropped out too. Joe had been respectful and appreciative of each of the sharks as they had rejected them, for Bello Verde Company Worth he had been fairly quiet and had seemed to accept the loss of potential investors without argument.

Mark Cuban began to speak, it was clear that he was not greatly impressed with Joe or the Bello Verde business, but his exact opinion was lost to a sudden flurry of activity from the entrepreneur. Joe interrupted Mark several times, and refused to let him speak. He had an offer to make, and he promised Joe that it was so sweet that it would give him a cavity. Daymond suggested that Joe make a reasonable counter offer. Joe waffled on to the obvious frustration of the sharks.

Kevin remarked that he had never seen an applicant that talked so much, and said so little. Joe gave an interview, in lateand he revealed that the original idea to apply Hitachi Manufacturing Company Shark Tank came from his younger brother, who is an ardent fan Kitty Hawk Surf Company Corolla the show.

He told Joe that auditions were being held in Columbus and Joe happened to be passing by the venue later that day. He no intention of standing in a line for hours but surprisingly found that there was no line, on an impulse he decided to audition and was accepted soon afterwards. There can be little doubt that although Joe may have been a little over the top in the Shark Tank, he does have a wealth of experience behind him.

Joe is undoubtedly a mesmerizing individual when he makes a pitch, but he is also a canny, successful and experienced entrepreneur with a great deal of knowledge about all forms of business. If I was forced to call it, I would say Joe Chay got himself a huge free advertisement, for both of his brands, and pulled the wool over the eyes of five sharks who envisaged nothing but difficulties ahead, if they were to partner with the persistent suit salesman.

Where is the update? This speaks nothing about how the companies are performing after the episode aired…. Usually this web site is pretty good.

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