While running errands the other day, I ducked into a local Best Buy to pick up a pair of new headphones. What I saw inside was Best Buy Company Store. Happy-looking people were huddled around tables filled with the latest gadgets from Microsoft and Apple. The video game aisle was bustling.

Blue-shirted employees were helping a customer pick from a glowing wall Best Buy Company Store flat-screen TVs. There was a line — a line! I knew Best Buy had spent the past several years playing defense against Amazon, finding some initial success by cutting costs and reducing prices to match its online rivals.

Workers are happy. And judging from several other visits I paid to Best Buy stores, the chain appears to have avoided the bleak fate of other big-box retailers. When Mr. Joly took over inBest Buy was bleeding out. A former chief had resigned after admitting to Healthcare Ecommerce Company improper romantic relationship with an employee.

Many of the products that drew customers to stores, such as new CD and DVD releases, were becoming obsolete. To combat showrooming and persuade customers to complete their purchases at Best Buy, Mr.

Joly announced a price-matching guarantee. Joly said. Price-matching costs Best Buy real money, but it also gives customers a reason to stay in Kaz Company store, and avoids handing business to competitors. In his first months on the job, Mr. Among their gripes: an internal search engine that was returning bad data about which items were in stock.

Best Buy fixed the search engine. It also restored a much-loved employee discount that had Best Buy Company Store suspended and embarked on an ambitious program to retrain its employees so they could answer questions about entirely new categories of electronics, such as virtual reality headsets and smart home appliances. But sometimes, people needed help before they bought big and expensive gadgets. So it started an adviser program that allows customers to get free in-home consultations about what product they should buy, and how it should be installed.

The service started as a pilot program last year and is now being rolled out nationwide. If a customer placed an order on the website, it would ship from a central warehouse. It was a small, subtle change, but it allowed Best Buy to improve its shipping times, and made immediate gratification possible for customers. Best Buy also struck deals with large electronics companies like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft to feature their products in branded areas within the store. Even Amazon has set up kiosks in Best Buy stores to show off its voice-activated Alexa gadgets.

Which means that if Samsung wants to show off its newest line of tablets in a big-box electronics store, it has basically one choice. Under Mr. Joly, Best Buy has used the scalpel as quietly as possible, gradually letting leases expire for unprofitable stores and consolidating its overseas divisions.

He trimmed a layer of middle managers inand reassigned roughly Geek Squad employees within the company. But he has never announced a huge, public round of layoffs, which can crater employee morale and create a sinking-ship vibe. Joly said in Once, the company noticed that an unusually high number of flat-screen TVs were being dropped in its warehouses.

It revamped the handling process, reducing the number of times TVs Yanmar Company Limited picked up by a clamp lift and adding new carts to prevent TV boxes from falling over.

The changes resulted in less broken inventory and bigger profits. Walmart, another big-box behemoth, is investing billions of dollars in a digital expansion with the acquisition of e-commerce companies like Jet and Bonobos, and could prove to be a fierce rival. How do they do it?

Joly: 1. Price, price, price When Mr. Focus on humans Mr.

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