Trying to recommend the best camera is a minefield, because it depends on what kind of photographer you are! So we've split our guide up into four sections for users at all levels and all Best Camera Company 2018. We've covered the whole spectrum of cameras in our guide, from pocket-sized point and shoot cameras that can be used by the whole family, right up to professional-spec DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that can enable dedicated photographers to really push their skills up a notch.

You've probably heard about DSLR vs mirrorless camera debate too. While DSLRs are chunkier to grip and often Best Camera Company 2018 for a great price, especially at the cheaper end Xxx Company the market, the best mirrorless cameras tend to be smaller and lighter and often are perfect for video — many have flip-around screens for selfies and vlogging.

This best camera guide sticks to regular camera types like compact cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. They're not the only choice these days, of course, so you might also want to check out the best action Best Camera Company 2018best camera drones or the best cameras for vlogging. Keen novice? If you're upgrading from a camera phone or a compact, you should get a beginner-friendly DSLR or mirrorless camera.

This will give you lots of creative control and lots of potential for the future. See also: the best cameras for beginners. Family snapper? Then you don't really King Wai Insurance Public Company Limited interchangeable lenses, just a camera versatile enough for all kinds of situations, easy for anyone to use and small enough to slide into a jacket pocket.

See also: the best point and shoot cameras. Expert enthusiast? We'd guess your looking for the best features, power and performance, and at the best price! Whether you're into landscapes or sports, video or vlogging, these are the cameras we rate right now. Potential pro? If you're stepping into the world of professional photography, take a look at our guide to the best cameras for professionals.

In the meantime, we've picked two full frame powerhouses that deliver stellar resolution and performance. See also: the best cameras for professionals.

We've also got guides to the best waterproof and underwater cameras and the best camera right now. So keep reading to find the best cameras you can buy right now, regardless of your experience, expertise or budget!

Better still, the rear screen is both fully-articulating and touch-sensitive, so you can take pictures at all sorts of odd angles, and for the first time in a DSLR at this price it's possible to shoot 4K video — this is the perfect DSLR for bloggers and vloggers, not just regular photographers. It's small but powerful and a great travel camera too. Many of our best camera choices are mirrorless cameras, but the best DSLR cameras are still going strong.

In fact they offer great value for beginners — and the Nikon D is the perfect example. Type: Compact Sensor size: 1-inch Megapixels: Interchangeable lens DSLR and mirrorless cameras are great if you want to get seriously into photography, but can be overkill when you just want to grab pictures casually.

This time we've gone for a camera that's cheap, effective and practical enough for the whole family to use without worrying about it. If you think of it instead as an alternative to a smartphone, it has A LOT going for it.

Family cameras have a pretty hard life, so if you need one that can put up with the rough and tumble and even a little underwater adventure, the Nikon Coolpix W could be perfect. Whether you want to shoot Chinese Chemical Company, 4K video or all-round photographic subjects, the X-T3 does it all brilliantly.

It has Fujifilm's latest The only thing missing is in-body stabilization, but in the context of everything this camera can do, that's a minor issue. If you're a keen photographer upgrading an existing camera, quality and features are going to be high on your shopping list, and the Canon EOS 6D Mark II offers both, but at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Its megapixel resolution and 6. If you want to step up to full frame DSLR photography, this is a very Planet Solution Company and affordable way to do it. We love the Physically, the Z6 is identical to the Z 7, so it has the same tough, well-designed and good-handling Best Camera Company 2018.

Despite the relentless march of mirrorless cameras, DSLRs are still very popular Best Camera Company 2018 professional users, and the Nikon D is a stand-out example. This is largely down to Best Camera Company 2018 chunky, rugged design and its versatility. The Wedding photographers will love the silent burst shooting mode, and it captures 4K video too.

On top of all that, the robust, weather-sealed body means you can easily rely on it in even challenging conditions. The Nikon D is easily one of the best professional-level cameras you can buy. Type: Mirrorless Sensor: Full frame Megapixels: It also has a larger buffer capacity for continuous shooting.

UK Edition. What camera should I buy? The first Luxe Hair Company to ask yourself is what short of camera user are you… Keen novice? See also: the best cameras for beginners Family snapper? See also: the best point and shoot cameras Expert enthusiast? See also: the best cameras for professionals We've also got guides to the best waterproof and underwater cameras and the best camera right now.

The best camera in Keen novices Image 1 of 7 Image credit: Canon. Image 2 of 7 Image credit: Canon. Image 3 of 7. Image 4 of 7. Image 5 of 7. Image 6 of 7. Image 7 of 7. Image 1 of 5 Image credit: Olympus. Image 2 of 5 Image credit: Olympus.

Image 3 of 5 Image credit: Olympus. Image 4 of 5 Image credit: Olympus. Image 5 of 5 Image credit: Olympus. Image 1 of 6. Image 2 of 6. Image 3 of 6. Image 4 of 6. Image 5 of 6. Image 6 of 6. Easy for beginners, powerful enough for experts, a great all-round camera.

Image 1 of 6 Image credit: Nikon. Image 2 of 6 Image credit: Nikon. Image 3 of 6 Image credit: Nikon. Image 4 of 6 Image credit: Nikon. Image 5 of 6 Image credit: Nikon. With 30m waterproofing, it's a great underwater and family camera. Image 1 of 5 Image credit: Fujifilm. Image 2 of 5 Image credit: Fujifilm.

Image 3 of 5 Image credit: Fujifilm. Image 4 of 5 Image credit: Fujifilm. Image 5 of 5 Image credit: Fujifilm. A professional quality camera that's also compact, affordable and versatile. Image 1 of 4. Image 2 of 4. Image 3 of 4. Image 4 of 4. A landmark camera, and still the ultimate all-round pro DSLR, even now. Sony's 61MP full frame camera combines resolution, speed and 4K video! Image 1 of 5. Image 2 of 5. Image 3 of 5. Image 4 of 5. Image 5 of 5.

It's not just a great camera for stills, it's an even better one for video. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.

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