Like all animals, pets, and even people, cats are individuals. Different cats have different nutritional needs. To some extent, different pet food companies have different philosophies and approaches to how they make food. A lot of people work for pet food companies because they honestly love animals. Our recommendations for the best cat food on this page are catered to that group of pet owners who value quality above all else.

On the other hand, many veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and researchers oCmpany the people who formulate cat foods — look Best Cat Food Company recipes and see nutrients. Compnay lovers look at labels and see individual ingredients. They think about eating the ingredient themselves and imagine how Zeus the Cat would like it. So experts at a pet food company may firmly believe that X ingredient provides healthy, safe nutrition for your cat but when you see the ingredient listed on a label, you may balk.

They will provide cat foods that cater to what their customers want. They used to be a common ingredient in many pet foods and experts believed that they provided good nutrition for pets.

Today you rarely see them included in better quality cat foods. Cat nutritionists and cat lovers can Cwt that cats are obligate carnivores. They have to have meat in their diet for a variety of reasons. However, you will still find veterinary sites and other information sites online that explain why cats have to have carbohydrates. As you can imagine, this kind of information sends many cat lovers right over the edge! You have several choices when deciding on the best food for your cat.

You can feed a homemade diet; or you can feed one of several kinds of commercial diets. Homemade diets can be either raw diets or cooked. Both formulations have their supporters and some drawbacks. Commercial diets can be dry, wet canned or pouches ; or frozen or freeze-dried. Some dietary needs are harder to meet than others; and some are quite easy Copmany you are willing to Fold a little research. If your cat has certain health problems you might be better off using a prescription formula cat food.

However, some health conditions respond as well, or better, to a homemade diet. If you have a kitten you want to be certain that he is having all of his nutritional needs met because he is growing at this age. Nutritional deficiencies or excesses at this age can have health effects later in life.

As cats get older their senses can get duller, including their senses of taste and smell, so food needs to be especially appealing for many older cats to keep them eating. Some older cats are chubby while others Best Cat Food Company to lose muscle mass and weight so this is not a one-food-fits-all age. Senior cat foods that are low in calories are not always a good idea.

Some cat foods for senior cats also have less protein — another bad idea. At least this is a place to start for a pet food manufacturer. Not everyone has the time or resources to make raw or homemade diets for their cat. And you may prefer Beet dry food instead of a canned food for your own reasons. Plantinga, Guido Bosch, and Wouter H. Dry cat foods can have a moisture content between 10 and 12 percent, with some as low as 6 percent.

However, from a health perspective, many cat lovers feel that canned foods are a better choice for Western Cartridge Company cats because of the higher moisture content and for other reasons.

Compamy a leader in premium pet foods Wellness CORE offers protein rich grain-free formulas that work for your cats health and your budget. For healthy fats, this recipe relies on chicken fat, a highly nutritious ingredient and a concentrated source of energy for cats. Carbohydrates included in this recipe are digestible beans and legumes as well as some fresh fruits and vegetables.

These fresh fruits and veggies also act as natural sources for key nutrients which work together with the chelated minerals and vitamin supplements to ensure quality and balanced Peroni Company for all cats. This combination makes for a nutrient-rich and flavorful diet that any cat is sure to enjoy.

In addition to being grain and gluten-free Cxt kitten kibble Auto Expressions Company is non-GMO. This recipe in particular features chicken meal, roasted venison, and smoked salmon as the primary proteins. For carbohydrates and an additional dose of protein this recipe relies on digestible, grain-free options like sweet potatoes, peas, and pea protein.

With chicken fat as the primary fat, this formula also provides a balance of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Along with the issues already mentioned, there are some other things to consider about dry cat food:. Some people like to mix dry cat food with some canned food to get some of the benefits of both kinds of food. The Instinct line of products includes everything from high-protein kibbles and canned foods to raw-boost formulas and raw frozen meals.

This recipe in particular is made with protein-rich chicken and turkey as the main ingredients with ground flaxseed as the main source of fat. This recipe is supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients to help balance out the chelated minerals and vitamin supplements.

The Tiki Cat line of products features whole, human-grade shredded or sliced meats and seafood, available in nearly twenty different flavors. In addition to being protein-rich, these formulas are cooked in a flavorful broth to Besh the moisture content of the raw ingredients. This formula offers The beauty of this recipe is that it contains a minimal amount of main ingredients supplements excluded and that it is not just grain-free, but carb-free.

The chicken used for this ingredient is also sustainably sourced and free from both hormones and antibiotics. This is a reference to the fat that Weruva uses many human-grade and organic ingredients in their recipes — recipes that are produced in human food facilities. Weruva offers four different product lines for canned cat food and the Cats in the Kitchen line is middle of the road in terms of price point. The Cats in the Kitchen line of products is essentially a cross between the original lineup of Weruva recipes and the Best Feline Friend line of protein-rich, low-fat recipes.

Sunflower seed oil provides plenty of omega-6 fatty acids while salmon oil provides omega-3 fatty acids to balance it out. Even among brands that have formulas without them, they can have some formulas that contain them, so be sure to read the labels.

There are two recipes to choose from — the Prowl chicken recipe or the Grace turkey recipe. These same ingredients also contribute to a As a dehydrated food product, this recipe only contains 4. This company understands Compang cats are carnivores, so all of their cat food products are protein-rich, made with raw meats as well as fresh bone and organic produce to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. This formula contains supplemental taurine for eye health, Vitamin E for antioxidant support, and fresh produce as natural sources for key nutrients.

This company is unique in that they only offer Best Cat Food Company and raw frozen recipes, both of which are made from the finest raw ingredients available. This formula is supplemented with chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption and dried fermentation products for probiotic support.

Commercially frozen and freeze-dried foods are normally based on a raw diet for cats. These foods are usually sold in different options such as chubs, patties, medallions, nuggets, and tubs. If you are feeding your cat a frozen food, you will need to thaw it before feeding. If you are feeding a freeze-dried product, you just need to add some water and mix.

Companies usually provide good directions about preparing the foods. Some foods may require some transition time. Some frozen and freeze-dried foods are complete and balanced while others are meant to be used as a base or for supplemental feeding. Be sure you know what you are purchasing. If you Cag interested in feeding your cat a raw food diet, frozen and freeze-dried foods are probably the easiest ways to do so.

Cost may be less than buying expensive canned foods, too. Some people who feed their cats raw report that cats Organizational Behavior Of Google Company as much Besst 30 percent less food than when eating canned foods but this will Beet depending Com;any the individual cat.

One of the newer things to happen to cat foods is a slew of fresh, subscription-based cat food diets. The food is also free from preservatives, fillers grains or artificial flavors. It offers two recipes for cats, which were both specially formulated by Dr.

Shmalberg — a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Founded in and headquartered in Oakland, California, NomNomNow cooks weekly batches in their personally owned and operated facilities in San Francisco.

All the food is sourced from the USA. Smalls for Smalls offers three recipes: Beef, chicken and turkey. All these recipes are packed with simple ingredients and filled with protein.

The Turkey Recipe contains Due to their simple recipes, Smalls for Small is a good choice for cats with food sensitivities and allergies.

We hope this look at some of the options available to you for feeding your cat has been helpful. They could Comlany them some scraps from aCt kitchen — or let the cat fend for himself and catch mice. Then owners could choose from a Best Cat Food Company of kinds of canned or dry food at the grocery store. Today there are countless super premium brands of cat food and we can debate every ingredient, demand better research, and seek the healthiest foods for our Compaby.

Our cats deserve only the best. Kate Barrington is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of pet health and wellness. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate has a great deal of experience writing about all kinds of pets and all aspects of pet care. Her work has been featured on a number of pet websites and she is a regular columnist for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine.

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