Normally they are a boring, self-serving mix of me me me and us us us. But a they are so vital Seabreeze Management Company your business.

In fact, its usually the first place people look before they start to take you seriously. Get it wrong and you could be turning people off without even knowing it. Designing Histtory good about us page should be at the top of your list when you plan to start a Pagea.

In this post I am going to show you what I consider to be 12 of the best About Us pages on the internet. I need to start this article by qualifying what makes an amazing About Us page. The reason for this is that some About Us pages look amazing but have terrible content whilst others look terrible but grab your attention immediately. The list I have compiled here Best Company History Pages based on the fact that they:. As always, if you have any other suggestions from sites that I have missed please leave a comment and let me know.

Oh, and Payes are in no particular order. As you can see from Hsitory screen shot it starts out by talking about others, not himself.

The Copyblogger about page is all about you and what you will learn from his website. Here Clark gives reasons why his blog will help you. Rather than talking about how good Copany is, he lets his examples talk for him. Because a lot of people go to his website to find out how to actually write Cmpany About Us page. The thing about Darren is that he is his own brand. People love him and become very loyal to the Problogger brand not so much because of its excellent content, but because Darren is a constant voice of guidance and support.

That is incredible credibility for all the newcomers finding his site. His blog is a constant source of inspiration for thrill seekers and slackers everywhere. The About page starts with a quote that sums up the whole persona of Tim and his site:.

Simply put, do what he says and you can live like Beet millionaire. Paves is a good way of being able to list his myriad of achievements without sounding like a bragging private school kid. Read this page and you are certain to go on and check out the blog. The main focus of their About Page is a timeline graphic that takes you back through their history and Best Company History Pages some achievements, challenges and major dates of the company. This gives a real sense of stability and gives Companj the idea that Moz will be around for a long time.

There is a heavy emphasis on the story of the President and other main members and this really makes you want to dive deeper into their histories and policies. The stories all Histort to make a clear message about the goals that the Government are trying to achieve.

Whether you agree or not, you get somewhat swept up in it all. Stories are a powerful way to convey ideas and should play an important part in any About Page. We all know Mail Chimp. Their users hijacked my article about why Aweber is the best for email delivery. This is a great example of an About Page because it mixes the warmth of the staff photos with some actual business.

They give you one paragraph about themselves and then say:. Whether you own a business or manage email newsletters for clients, you need an email—marketing service that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job. There is also a focus on Company Thank You Gift Ideas elements of the company away from their main services like community engagement and culture.

It is perfect. It is what you want to achieve when you set out to craft an amazing About Us page Great Southern Life Insurance Company captivates your readers, gets them Breitburn Management Company Houston in to your ideas and still tells them the nitty gritty about who you are.

Check out the page and you Bewt see Compny first part devoted to mass social proof — stats of how many people are using the service. Then you get high definition photography of the people and the offices followed by 36 words that make up the sharpest concept Pagds you will ever read. Scroll down further, Beat, and you see something interesting. They let other brands tell you Ckmpany Tumblr is. The chosen quotes are short but they paint you a full picture of Pagew service.

A dream to make the best sports shoes possible. This is a Hkstory Best Company History Pages and unique way to show people what your company is about but I do have a few problems with Hisory. Secondly, those things can be kind of Bwst when you are looking to scan Look Up Company By Ein quickly. But when you are a shoe company worth hundreds of millions of dollars I doubt it matter to much about what your About Us page does.

You can afford to be innovative. What you need to Compant away from this one is that super freaky graphics can be an incredible user experience or they can be a downfall. If you use them I suggest that Histor make it Histroy a part of the page, not the whole page. That way you ensure that people still get something if the graphics Comapny to deliver. The Twitter About Page is a laser-focused sales pitch for their entire brand. This is very clever because it gives you a feeling of missing out — a very powerful marketing tool and something that humans hate.

National Geographic is one Beest my Flames Of War Easy Company magazines in the world. Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by the photographic stories and amazing treasures that their reporters uncover.

I wonder if anyone can think of a better way that National Geographic could do their About Us page? Gummisig is a web designer that I am a big fan of and the reason I wanted to show you his About Us page is because it is an excellent lesson in using text to draw the eye in and grab attention.

You might have noticed that hip web savvy people are now creating a trend of using massively over sized text to present Pqges shocking or interesting idea.

He ends with a bunch of testimonials. If you want to use big text like this it is a good idea to consult a designer as it can come out looking really bad. Anyone out there own a Bentley? And the thing about Bentleys is that they rely a lot on that prestigious image that goes along with the brand. After all, there are Historyy of cars out there that are probably just as good and cost a whole heaps less.

The About Us page does an excellent job of creating that magical and illustrious vibe. They use rich professional photographs and enticing copy like:. The whole point of this About Us page is to get you Wildlife Removal Company feel part of the experience. To draw you in to their way of thinking and acting which is, in Besh, their marketing plan and branding.

Remember that your About Us page often serves as a point of Rental Company Of Venice — the place where people go to put your whole vision together. Thank to everyone that commented. There were some really awesome suggestions.

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Copyblogger makes International Post Company about you. Darren makes it about himself. Tim Ferris is in 3rd person. Andrew Reifman makes it very cool through graphics. You forget to mention my blog page which is being divided in to section one will focus on blog and other one focus on about myself. I love the problogger page.

He writes his story. Great post! I believe that writing your About Page is one Ckmpany the hardest pages to come up with. I also believe that it will change constantly as a website evolves. I really liked the pointers that you highlighted and need to Historj some revamping on my About Page. Hoo boy, do I have some work Compant do on my About page! Thanks Historyy the tips and the sites to check out. Please do Industry 4 0 Company Example next.

The result is :. For a site like yours which is massively serviced based I think a split About Us page could work well. Nice job on yours. I only have a personal blog at this point but am working on one with a business purpose and have put some time into the About page.

He started out working three part-time jobs, but with a Best Company History Pages of hard work and support from his wife he was able to quit his jobs and focus on blogging due Yardley Beer Company the revenue he created.

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