Coming up with internal newsletter content ideas showcasing great content can be a pain! Have you any idea if employees are even opening your newsletters? The employee newsletter ideas in this blog are perfect for helping you create a list of fun company newsletter ideas and newsletter topics. Sharing company achievements is a good tradition and a great It Support Company Houston idea to incorporate into your internal company newsletter.

Why, you wonder? When a new person joins your company, he or she is often overwhelmed with having to remember new names and new procedures. Make life easier for them by giving them a warm welcome to the company. Click here to view the original source for your employee newsletter inspiration. Has Sales wowed everyone by hitting their quarterly targets? Remember to always focus on the humans behind the stories, not on Best Internal Company Newsletters facts.

Make it an animated GIF of the team like the example below. Image Source. An awesome newsletter idea in terms of content is to feature individual employees with awards and recognition. Kick-start an awards program into your overall internal communications strategy. Be sure to mention what kind of award the specific employee is receiving in the newsletter. Make sure to get regular feedback India Power Company Limited employees through surveys and polls in order to engage with them.

But everyone loves personalized messages. It makes them feel special. Especially if these personalized messages are coming from top management. Now that you have plenty of newsletter ideas and content inspiration, be sure to save some space for important company announcements and reminders.

You can include reminders on flu shots, public holidays and even office rules. Be sure to announce any events your company is sponsoring. Why not feature them within your employee newsletters to convey company policies? Inspired by the above employees newsletter idea? Click here to view the source of inspiration.

In fact, I would recommend asking a different employee to tell you their top ten picks every week and feature those. Inspired by the above fun internal newsletter idea? This may sound like a pretty basic internal newsletter idea but many internal comms pros often overlook the importance of featuring motivational quotes from actual employees. In fact, I would recommend putting the quote at the very top of your employee newsletter content to motivate employees to read your internal newsletter.

Check out the example below from Pressed News on how to do this. Pick one employee from a different department each month, interview them and feature the in-depth interview on your website. This is one of the best employee newsletter content ideas, and guaranteed to get a lot of traction.

The in-depth interview should be raw and emotional, filled with career advice and deep insights from each employee. Check out our list of creative internal communications campaigns to inspire you. Why not help employees advance their careers by letting them know of any workshops, webinars, events your company is willing to pay for that they can attend?

Let them know about any changes about to hit them. Is your company hosting any award shows or conferences or sponsoring any events. Let employees know about these events so they can be there to represent a stellar employer brand. Did the marketing department launch a successful marketing campaign? Highlight the achievements of each department within your company newsletter. Inspired by the above employee newsletter? Click here to view the source. Why not start an anonymous advice column and feature it within your internal Neighbourly App Which Company. Pick someone from internal comms and HR to be the expert.

Did your company secure a big win? Employees forget. You need to remind them about flu shots they need to take or upcoming holidays. Add this to your list of important newsletter content ideas to feature in your company newsletter.

Need to announce important company updates? Use video within your internal newsletter to convey these updates. Alert employees to any importance website maintenance updates or other emergency items within the company newsletter. Hosting an internal company event? Feature it within the company newsletter! Have a customer Best Internal Company Newsletters loves the product or service your company offers? Feature their testimonials within your employee newsletters.

Feature advice on career progression and general workplace advice from internal influencers within your company newsletter. Do you have an internal company blog? Responsiveness is a must! Save entire templates to the library, then just edit the content if needed.

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