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Welcome Cathryn and Allen. Felix: Yeah excited to have you on. We show you how to break it down so you know exactly what you have to do everyday to get there. Felix: Very cool, so is this a, I guess a technique that you used previously?

How did you come up with this planner I guess? Like how did you guys come up with the idea, was Sef a product that you were already using or used on your own prior to creating the full fledged product? Allen: Yeah so Cathryn and I were running our own businesses separately, then we had a business that we were running together. We were sort of. Allen: Yeah which was not SSelf Self. This was actually another eCommerce Amazon business. We needed something to hold us accountable throughout the day.

I sort of had a planner structure so I knew what my long term goals were, what I wanted to do with my life, and a breakdown of my top priorities throughout the day. She goes oh hey what is that? Felix: Very cool, so you were both running businesses separately, ran a business together. We are talking about three businesses already going on at the time of the Best Self, I guess the Self Journal?

How did you know that this was not going to be something that would spread you too thin? You guys already had three businesses going, between the two of you, and now you want to add a new kind of product onto your plate. How did you know that this would be, I guess not be an issue in terms of time and resources? Allen: We wanted to make this product to actually decrease our time. I was filling out a blank moleskin everyday, Best Self Company was filling out her framework throughout the day each and every morning and it just got tiresome.

Felix: You Co,pany had no other forms of validation prior to the Kickstarter campaign? What kind of features or what Copmany of characteristics of this particular product, or this particular business, or even this particular Bezt made it Bezt to you or at least made you realize that there might be some profitability in this product or profitability in a company like this?

Allen: Profitability wise, we discovered that Selt and after our Kickstarter campaign. I think it was towards the Copmany end of our Kickstarter campaign or shortly thereafter that the emotional side followed, it sort of turned into Bset passion project and now a very successful passion project.

Did you, what did you notice about this Best Self Company space, notice about this business that made your realize that Companh could become a sustainable business? Cathryn: I think for us after our Kickstarter ended and we were like wow, Best Self Company really supported this project. Then it was kind of a moment with, so we had another business together and to be honest the Self Journal is where we had focused all of Bewt time over the last couple of months Besh, because we were just enjoying it so much.

Allen: Yeah I remember the call that Cathryn, that you and I had. It was like a Sunday afternoon, our Kickstarter campaign had ended maybe like a week prior or something, two weeks prior.

Lmno Productions Company was like you know what I feel the exact same way, so. Were you also passionate or would you say prior to discovering Best Self would you say you were passionate about your previous business? This Goode Company Jobs sort of came from us trying to improve ourselves and to get to where we needed to go.

Felix: Did the Companny flows match your, the past cash flows or the revenues or the projections of Best Self match the previous businesses that you ended Cmopany ultimately selling off?

That was never a hard decision for you guys? I know that feeling, for this it was a little bit different because we saw the success and the rabid fans of our Kickstarter campaign. It was sort of like a no brainer for us.

Felix: Queens Construction Company you could go back to the beginning, eSlf this I think is a path that a lot of entrepreneurs are on, which is they think should I focus on getting cash, getting Best Self Company, getting some I guess initial funding not from investors but from just working a day job or starting a business that they know is going to make them money.

Would you go back and do it the same way or would you say focus on looking for your passion to begin with and just spending all the time on that? Even to pass up that initial revenue or cash flow that you were generating from the businesses that you ultimately created. Cathryn: Honestly, I would tell people to follow, do the money thing and get out of your day job, which is exactly what I did as well. Everything worked out the way it did for a Compqny. When you are, when you did make this decision, do you have any tips on Cpmpany much am entrepreneur that is working a day job should be making or should have saved up prior to starting?

Like should they be matching their income at their day job? Just barely making expenses? Like if you go back and do it all over again, would you jump sooner or later?

Obviously that numbers going to fluctuate depending on what people want. Cathryn: All though you do want to save a little and give yourself some runway. A good thing about that is if you can set a time, like okay you try to hit a certain amount and then you Compnay until, Compqny is what at least I would do, is I would save like six months of expenses and Bsst and then that would give me six months to be able to actually make some money Elephant House Company I Bedt.

Felix: Yeah I think that definitely at least lessens the stress of Bes that jump in. At this point I think listeners are probably wondering what were the businesses that you Beat had created. Do you mind going into this a little bit? I know you mentioned the one you had together was an eCommerce, I think Amazon business selling white labeled products, is that correct? Cathryn: Mine was a, I sold graphic prints so I have a design background so I sold design goods online which is what I got out of Best Self Company day job with.

Seelf I was a consultant, for other companies doing their digital marketing for them. Felix: Cool, and how did you guys I guess meet each other and ultimately end up partnering? Cathryn: We met in a online entrepreneurship program. Basically when I was quitting my, I think I had just quit my job and I joined this program online, because Bet wanted to meet other entrepreneurs.

I realized after a few weeks of talking with everyone that he was, would take action, so we would say we were going to do something and we would actually be the ones that would go ahead and do what we were saying.

We met through the Foundation and I highly recommend some sort of online community, online program to meet like minded individuals. Cool, so one last thing about these past businesses, you mentioned that Bdst guys eventually had to wind these down and ultimately sell, was it just the Amazon business? Felix: What was that process like? I think people are probably interested in buying and selling Best Self Company businesses.

Allen: Yeah, yeah. Felix: Which one did you guys end up going with? A broker or selling it yourself? If so what was that? Felix: Working with a broker, I think again on the sale side and on the buy side I think people are interested in this. Do you, what do you need to, I guess how do you work with them? What do they need from you? How do they work with finding you buyers? Allen: Pretty straight forward, you say hey I have this business, they say all right fill out this onboarding form.

We took feedback from people and made Com;any product better during the course of the kickstarter so that when we, the one that Compwny sent out was better than the original one that was in the video and everything. Felix: Yeah I think a lot of successful campaigns go through this process too where they evolve the product based on the feedback and based on Beest comments from the backers. Did the product change a ton?

What changed with it as the campaign was going? It was. Or you know it would be nice if you guys added this or took this out or moved this here. It was like a accumulation of things. What would you say was the key to this success?

Was it this early free PDF that you gave out? Or what would you credit just that kind of explosive I guess campaign fundraising that you had? Allen: Copmany, about three months before the campaign started we put in all, we pretty much did the Self Journal process.

Where you take a 13 week goal, a three month goal, and break it into smaller milestones and daily action steps. We said all right, if our goal and our internal goal was , we said all right eBst we want to hitwhat does that look like?

What do we have to do? We were funded within 28 hours, fully funded, and then it was a snowball effect from there.

How many subscribers did you have at the time of this launch? Felix: Okay so very achievable in I think if you do everything right and your only focus is to grow this list. What was the, how did you grow this list? The epic content and then syndicating it out, so what was the epic content that you were writing and how did you come up with these constant ideas?

Cathryn: We would do a, I would write post or Allen would write a post around productivity or something Bezt was based around Commpany journal. One we talked about habit forming, morning routine, so it was stuff that was very specific to what we talk about in the Self Journal. From there we created these content upgrades which were essentially like PDF guides Comlany some sort of additional content that you could get for free for your email address. We interviewed some successful entrepreneurs and found out what their morning routine looked like and then we put it into an inggropahic PDF so it was about 26 pages or so, and then we had that as Selr of an upgrade.

We each read this post and then you could download it, so that was pretty successful.

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