A desire to create non-toxic cleaning products that defy expectations for safety and performance was the basis behind Better LifeFine Cotton Company Discount Code eco-friendly brand launched in by Tim Barklage and Companu Tibbs, childhood friends with no background in business or retail.

Were you surprised by any of the challenges you faced? Tim: That selling cleaning products online was not common practice. For that reason, we chose to get our products into brick-and-mortar stores first while we considered how BBetter might approach e-commerce and manage logistics. Tim: We currently use Shopify as our e-commerce infrastructure. Tim: Like I said, a lot of third-party e-commerce providers were having a difficult time shipping heavy liquids because they had a tendency to leak.

How did you prepare your online Better Life Company Worth for the expected surge in traffic? Will it be able to handle the traffic? We also created a kit that had Behter the products we were demoing on the show and offered free shipping to make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Figuring out what to sell online is hard. Check out our free page guide on finding, validating and sourcing the best products to sell Betger any marketplace.

To the point where we would be in a grocery store and overhear someone say they loved our all-purpose cleaner and wished Cokpany had a laundry detergent—while they were standing in front of our laundry detergent! So when we redesigned the labels to the current look we knew that we had to emphasize the brand so that we could easily cross-sell other products to the people who loved our all-purpose cleaner.

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Oct 24, 2012 · Selling A Better Life . ... Forbes Asia estimates his net worth at $500 million, based on his stake in the unlisted company as well as holdings in real estate and fine art on display in his lavish ...…