In this story, you will see how Think and Grow Rich converted the man in debt to a millionaire. Although Bob Proctor is teaching others the principles Bob Proctor Cleaning Company financial success nowadays, it was a janitorial company which made him a millionaire.

This story will also make it crystal clear that there was nothing other than the well-known principles of Think and Grow Rich: Success consciousness, definiteness of purpose, practice of faith and auto-suggestion which make Bob proctor rich. Thus, challenging the perception that people praise financial books no matters whether they have made a minute difference in their life or not.

Bob Proctor was never a brilliant boy in his youth. He did poorly at school and dropped out just after Com;any few months of high school. Bob Proctor Cleaning Company, He joined Canadian navy for four years and Bob Proctor Cleaning Company Compzny, he returned to Appliance Parts Company Scottsdale. After several years of bouncing from job to job at Bars and pubs, he finally got a job in fire department.

It was a better job than he previously had at bars and pubs. Think and Grow Rich teaches to be definite about the amount of money one wants Bbo acquire. It teaches to set a definite time limit for acquiring that amount and it was exactly what Bob Proctor did. Bob Proctor took a card and wrote his definite target on it.

It was a huge amount in those days. Very little!! It was the time when principle of auto-suggestion came to his aid. He kept his statement of definite aim in his pocket every time. Whenever, he put Kalahari Pepper Company hand in his pockets, they hit the card board on which his statement of definite aim was written. He read Bob Proctor Cleaning Company statement every night, every morning and ultimately, it Compsny deeply ingrained in his mind.

They thought he was foolish for leaving what he had had in his hand for what was far away from him. But sometimes you are willing to sacrifice everything for a dream which no one can see but you. Bob Proctor found out that cleaning business can be very lucrative so, he threw off his ego and started a janitorial company. Think and Grow Rich had opened the door of opportunities for him.

Within a short period of time, his company was providing services in twelve different countries of the world. Proctor himself got astonished by his outrageous success. He had not only achieved his goal but had earned several times greater than that. Within next three years, he was making a million dollars every year through the company. He sold the company for profit and started another. For next few years, he bought and sold various companies at huge profits thus making himself a millionaire.

Bob Proctor was very surprised by the unexpected success. So, he analyzed his success carefully. If you are thinking of a debt, it is coming and if you are thinking of money, they are coming.

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Bob Proctor: What Everybody Ought to Know About Him

Dec 09, 2008 · This is a true story about Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor was earning $4,000 per year as a fire fighter in East York of Toronto in the 1960's. At this time he was also $6,000 in debt. The only way he could pay his debt would be to work for an entire year and a half without spending any money on food, living expenses or taxes. His situation seemed hopeless.…

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Who is Bob Proctor? Home › Author Names › Who is Bob Proctor? ... He started a company that same year and was working in multiple countries in less than 12 months, offering office cleaning services. But, he wanted more information and so he joined the Nightingale-Conant organization and learned directly from one of the foremost personal ...…

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Sep 30, 2018 · Bob Proctor Wiki, Coaching, Networth: Bob Proctor is a motivational speaker, trainer and best-selling author known for his input in elaborating the Law of Attraction in the hit movie, The Secret! He is considered America’s greatest prosperity teacher. ... Proctor’s cleaning company had continued to grow, making $1 million a year, ...…