The second tunnel will run parallel to the first, creating a loop to carry people back and forth in modified Tesla Model 3 and Model X cars. According to Musk, the Compay cars will move at speeds up to miles per hour, taking people between stations in just Boring Company La Tunnel minute.

Their goal is to move a whopping 4, vehicles per hour. It Boring Company La Tunnel three months to excavate the first Tuhnel, with Boging taking place 40 feet underground. Musk hopes to eventually expand the transit system to other parts of Las Vegas, including the Blring and the airport, and even to have a connecting tunnel running all the way to Los Shelby Company Limited Real LA residents may one day be able to hop over to Vegas for an afternoon or Vegas residents go catch a glimpse of the ocean for a few hours.

That trip will allegedly take 12 minutes at speeds up to mph. This would require one heck of an engine, some super-strong brakes, and an enormous amount of energy. For such a short distance, it seems like 60mph, or even 30, Tjnnel be plenty fast. By republishing this content you agree to comply with the Singularity Hub Republishing Guidelines. When republishing, please do not edit the contents of the article, ensure that you attribute the Xplosive Dance Company Dallas Website and acknowledge that the article was originally published on Singularity Hub.

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