However, we are about to look at a little-known stock that literally can be had for pennies per share. The market valuation of the company is low for a reason: expectations are very, very low. Acne is caused by blockage of hair follicles and affects an estimated 50 million Americans.

The U. The difference is that the target condition is rosacea, Compaany of acne. This condition affects an estimated Comlany million Americans and has similar symptoms to acne. Bpmx Company acne, the exact cause of rosacea is unknown. The Phase 2 study for BPX is ongoing. Preliminary Yangon Bus Public Company suggest some positive impact of minocycline on rosacea lesions and for clearing the skin.

Inthe company completed its Phase 2 study for BPX BPX met its primary endpoint by reducing the number of lesions. The primary endpoint is the main outcome that a clinical trial tries to measure. The secondary endpoint is a relevant question Quickcompany may ask about the same study. BPX did Bp,x its endpoint, which means the drug has shown enough to progress to Phase 3 study.

But the failure to meet the secondary endpoint had investors wondering about the market potential Bpmmx the drug. As noted above, Phase 2 data was good enough to keep the drug testing going but investor expectation for market potential went down. Coupled with low expectations, the company is in danger of being delisted from the NYSE American exchange. To be listed on the exchange, a company needs to meet certain financial requirements. BioPharmX currently does not have enough retained earnings on its balance sheet to qualify for continued listing due to its consistent lack of profitability.

It will have until September 24, to do so and NYSE Regulation could periodically examine the company to see if progress is being made. If the company fails to show progress or fails to regain compliance by the deadline, NYSE American could initiate delisting procedures.

Formerly known as Valeant, Bausch is a multinational specialty pharmaceutical company that sells a large number of products in various areas. One of its best-known brands is eye-health brand Bausch and Lomb. In the area of acne, the company has several prescription drugs including Solodyn, Atralin, Acanya, and Ziana. Solodyn is taken orally as a pill and used to treat moderate Copany severe acne. Solodyn is competing against generic versions of itself and it will Co,pany with BPX if BioPharmX were to successfully bring it to market.

The drug has even been used as treatment for leukemia. In regards to its use to treat acne, tretinoin can irritate the skin for certain patients. In addition, pregnant women should not use it, and people who use it should not apply any other cream or gel products that dry the skin. Inthe FDA approved Rhofade as treatment for facial redness caused by rosacea. The drug works by narrowing blood vessels in the skin to decrease redness. The patient has to apply the cream to the entire face Clmpany a day.

The cream can cause skin inflammation, swelling, itching, and Bpmx Company worsening of redness. The value is really in the HyantX system, which could enable the company to explore taking other generic drugs and repackaging them as its own by changing the way the drug is delivered. The ability to use an existing generic drug BBpmx the cost compared to developing a drug from scratch. A positive surprise could reignite some buying interest.

The outlook is murky. BPX data bring up serious questions about future market opportunity. Even if approved and brought to market, can the drug stand out from a crowded field Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd acne treatments?

The company had one product on the market that generated revenue. But to comply with listing requirements BioPharmX gave it up late in because it was a money loser. The company also gave up two other early candidates that it was working on. The likely outcome is dilutive equity offerings in the near future.

Things look bleak for BioPharmX. It needs a good break. But when things look terrible is often the best time to buy a stock. It could happen, but to expect one is a big leap in faith. So far, every time Jim has made this bet, he has delivered with winners.

When it comes to making money, Jim keeps the faith. Want to join his followers on the path to riches? Click here for details. Printable PDF. What Is BioPharmX? BioPharmX is a tiny biotech company focused on the dermatology market.

The company currently has two Bpmx Company drug candidates in the pipeline.

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SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BioPharmX Corporation (NYSE:BPMX) (the "Company"), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative medical dermatology products, received a. 10 September 2019 BioPharmX Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update…