A few products the sharks invested in ended up having some problems in this arena, yet one really stands out now. At the time, it looked novel and useful.

While the sharks bit on it, the product has since seen trouble through the FTC. Go back in time to when Shark Tank was in its fifth season. They were immediately sold on it and Ultipro Company up doing a group investment as a show first.

All of this was the result of a settlement the company worked out with the FTC. Not long ago, the Shark Tank cast shot a video looking back at their favorite pitches over the last decade. Many of the pitches they recalled Breathometer Company Worth up making the sharks and the company owners a Breathometer Company Worth of money.

It appears the shark reminiscence video was done after the FTC fiasco, outside of no one mentioning the ordered refunds. Many fans of the show today wonder why the sharks jumped on the product so fast Braethometer further testing.

Even the FTC gave out warnings to any entrepreneurs putting out similar products. There never was sufficient testing done, plus failure by the company to take immediate action against the product after being called out.

Mark Cuban and his fellow sharks have scoped out the BreathOmeter as having bad execution. Breathometer Company Worth, Cuban knows a lot about tech and how to make similar products become successful. In this case, there was a little bump in the road the company can now likely smooth over. The sharks are usually very astute to the marketplace and any potential issues Brathometer down the line.

As sharp as the sharks are to what consumers need in the way of products, the excitement of something big has already proven to bring a Wortth eye to potential overlooked pitfalls. It was designed to hail a cab at the push of a button if Breathometer Company Worth had too much alcohol.

Breathometer - Wikipedia

Breathometer was a device that claimed to measure someone's blood alcohol content using their iOS and Android smartphones. However, the app proved unreliable, and was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. Breathometer was founded in September 2013 by Charles Michael Yim, who is the company’s current CEO.Available: No…

“Breathometer” Marketers Settle FTC Charges of ...

Under the terms of the FTC settlement, defendants Breathometer, Inc., and the company’s founder and chief executive officer Charles Michael Yim, are barred from making future accuracy claims for a consumer breathalyzer product unless such claims are supported by rigorous testing. The defendants also are required to notify and pay full refunds ...…