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The Broccoli Company.

Broccoli (company) - Wikipedia

Broccoli Co., Ltd. (株式会社ブロッコリー, Kabushiki-gaisha Burokkorī) is a Japanese media company that publishes manga, anime, video games and trading card games.It operates a chain of retailers in Japan called Gamers which carries similar products and accessories. Broccoli is best known for their Di Gi Charat, Galaxy Angel and Aquarian Age franchises.Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan…

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Broccoli Co., Ltd. (株式会社ブロッコリー kabushiki-gaisha burokkorii?) is a Japanese media company that publishes manga, anime, and video games through its various subsidiaries. Broccoli is the parent company of Broccoli Music Publishing, Broccoli International USA, and Anime Gamers USA Inc. Broccoli also published manga under Broccoli Books. ...…