Everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked brownies coming from the oven. But some of the best can pop out of your mailbox too, if you know where to look. The tasters at America's Test Kitchen just tested brownies from 8 leading mail-order gourmet bakers.

They ordered brownie assortments and rated the basic brownie from each company. Some of the brownies were a revelation, others merely good. Unique varieties, such as Spicy with chiles and cinnamon and Sweet and Salty Brownie Delivery Company caramel and fleur de selwere also a hit. Brown matte box with white ribbon is simple but hip. Expensive, but these brownies rock. Tasters thought other varieties such as Toffee and Peanut Butter were good, if a bit pedestrian.

Brownies come in an elegant white box with a sleek silver ribbon. Good value, Cmopany a dozen oversized brownies. The assortment from this well-known gourmet store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, didn't feature a plain brownie Brownie Delivery Company Magic brownies have walnutsbut tasters didn't seem to mind. Buenos Aires brownies with dulce de leche were a big hit, as were brownies flavored with orange and almond.

This baker based in Austin, Texas, wins points for originality. Zoop Company, the mint-flavored Mental Julep brownies did live up to billing. Retro art deco packaging complete with sheer red organza bag makes this an elegant Brownie Delivery Company.

Dancing Deer Baking Co. Sturdy, reusable wooden box from this well-known Boston baked goods company is filled with four retail-style packages that look like something you might pick up at the grocery store. Pretty standard flavors and brownies were slightly dry and crumbly. Decent brownies at a decent price but hard to get excited about this assortment.

This Brownle company Delivfry itself as the "nation's largest mail-order gourmet brownie company. High-end brown and pink box with embossed logo looks Derek Weaver Company Review it might contain truffles.

Instead, each box one order contains two boxes protects a single sleeve with six brownies. Cute name and logo, but the metallic cardboard box the brownies arrived in seemed rather Comoany and flimsy. We ordered the brownies a la carte and had eight interesting varieties to choose from. Deliverance Company Series liked that each one was individually wrapped and had creative names such as Red Witch made with dried cherriesbut ultimately these brownies were just average.

Interested in making your own brownies? Follow today. Get The Recipe. Bourbon Fudge Brownies Ellen Carroll. Snow-Flecked Brownies Nigella Lawson.

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