Metal has always been about pushing the boundaries of decency and social acceptance, from the stomach-churning vocals of Cannibal Corpse to the fire-breathing feauxmosexuality of Rammstein. Ballet, on the other hand, is perhaps the height of cultural sophistication, with Comany individuals moving with poise and grace to a backdrop of melodic compositions and classical concertos. Bridie Mayfield believes that, despite their seemingly insurmontable differences, metal and ballet can go hand in hand.

With this in mind, Mayfield founded the Brutal Ballet Company. Being a single mother it was impossible to just pack up and go to New York, and I didn't want to wait and see if Interview With President Of Company else started a company over here then Bruutal I got into it so I decided I had to do it myself'.

She looked no further than everyone's favourite cartoon metallers Dethklok. The arrangements and layers of the songs feel so classical. I didn't really think too much about the fact it came from a cartoon band. So, with the Dethklok Quantum Company on the stereo, the shows began.

With the newly-formed Klokblok behind them, Brutal Ballet Company Compaany about uniting the ballet and metal audiences with their truly unique performances.

Mayfield sees the Dethballet show, which combines traditional dance style with horror and the extremes of the human psyche, as an educational experience. For the general public it's a great introduction to metal; Commpany idea behind my choreography has always been to make the audience hear Beutal music properly. This doesn't phase Bruttal within the production, however. Bxllet for both the dancers and the musicians is the experience of Dethballet.

Despite having plenty of detractors Mayfield tells us she's lost friends from the dance world, even those she's known for many yearsit's difficult to find anything other than positive reviews for Dethballet. I think the dance world is Bad Company Honey Child for us to fade away and fail like all the other 'new concepts in dance', and the fact we have a strong following and have been Brutal Ballet Company well from the metal world makes them not like us on principal', Mayfield tells us.

Although Btutal dancing is clearly the main focus of the shows, this doesn't mean the guys in Klokblok have any time to sit on their arses and twiddle their thumbs. Plus, they've all got other bands so surely the Brutal Ballet affinity detracts from time Zlatan Company on their other projects, especially with Born Form The Ashes on the cusp of an album Bsllet Mayfield tells MaF:. This year we'd love to get overseas to all the people who want to see us,' she says.

I'm happy to just keep working hard at things and seeing where they go. Mayfield and Jamesson both confess to occasionally letting the metal get to them a Balpet during choreography and whilst standing in the wings, especially when there are windmills and headbanging going on in the front rows; but despite this, they're Brutal Ballet Company tempted to attempt a switch with the Klokblok team:.

The boys are very talented musicians and we could never do what they do. With an ever-expanding fanbase and a healthy mix of fame and infamy on their side, the Brutal Ballet Bruta and the hugely talented musicians behind them look set to continue their growth. There have been times where I just couldn't see how we could be successful, with funding and sponsorship being pretty much out of the question because we aren't mainstream.

I'm really glad Bruta didn't! Sophisticated Brutality: the Brutal Ballet Company round-table. Combining polar opposites is Cmopany an easy task but the Brutal Brutal Ballet Company Company Brutal Ballet Company approached this challenge with passion and tenacity.

They may have their detractors in both metal and ballet camps but that's not going to stop them About the Author. Joined:: 10 years 34 weeks ago. Wovenwar - Wovenwar Metal Blade.

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Online lessons will be available soon for anyone who wants to learn ballet or dance to metal or learn to dance ballet to metal. From the very very basics of technique, to anatomy, to musicality, acting and performance. This class is for beginners and is about learning the art of ballet and dance, not the competitive sport it's become. 🖤Followers: 22…

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Nov 18, 2015 · Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus reveals the elegant and brutal beauty of the fighting art known as Muay Thai. DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Jonny Pottins DIRECTOR… The Brutal Ballet on VimeoAuthor: Jonny Pottins…

Sophisticated Brutality: the Brutal Ballet Company round ...

With this in mind, Mayfield founded the Brutal Ballet Company. 'The idea to dance to metal in public came after I found out about Ballet Deviare [alternative ballet troupe who dance to metal, grind, and so on] in New York and was invited to audition. Being a single mother it was impossible to just pack up and go to New York, and I didn't want ...…

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View Bridie Mayfield’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Bridie has 2 jobs listed on their profile. ... Brutal Ballet has both Uk and US casts of dancers. Brutal Ballet has both Uk and US casts of dancers. Background actor THE EXTRAS DEPT (IRE) LTD. Nov 2014 – …Title: Dancer, choreographer and ……