Buffalo Forge Co. In William sold his interest to Henry. After Henry's death inHenry's son Henry Ylighting Company chairman and other son Edgar was president. Edgar retired in and Henry retired in Inupright drilling machines were added to the lineup, and instationary steam engines were added. The company quickly branched into heating, air handling, air conditioning Willis H.

Carrier of Buffalo Forge designed the first practical commercial dehumidifiers and air conditionersdust collectors, and combination woodworking machines. In Buffalo Forge Co. The company was acquired by Ampco-Pittsburgh inin what began as a hostile takeover, although the Wendt family eventually agreed to sell their shares. One month later Howden closed the Buffalo Forge manufacturing plant, eliminating jobs this closure seems to have been aimed at the blower operations and it is unclear how the drill press business was impacted.

Buffalo Machine Tools was created in from the machine tool division of Buffalo Forge. They also made post drills, though these had largely disappeared from the lineup by the time of World War II when rural electrification had reduced demand for hand-powered drills.

Until at least the s Buffalo Forge made combination woodworking machines. Buffalo Forge also manufactured steam engines, primarily models intended for manufacturing and other large-scale commercial applications. In the late s and early s, Buffalo Buffalo Forge Company made a bandsaw. They are very uncommon. These machines are completely unrelated to Buffalo Forge and associated businesses.

As offshore imports, they are also outside the scope of this web site. Buffalo Forge made a wide range of other products not within the scope of this site, including forges, air handling equipment, and air conditioners.

Buffalo's classic 15" drill press was introduced in In the design was updated. The quickest way to identify whether a drill press is of the old or new design is to look for the integrated switch box in front of the quill—if present, the drill press is from or later. Here are the major changes in the new design: A new sheet-metal belt guard encloses the entire top of the machine some old drills have been retrofit with the improved guard, so the presence of the guard is not a reliable indication of a redesigned drill press.

The head guard is hinged and spring-counterbalanced. Integral switch. The switch wiring is tucked away within the belt guard. Buffalo Forge Company head casting is split so that it can be adjusted to take up wear. A spindle lock has been added. The spindle return Hair And Makeup Company is now adjustable without tools and has an anti-flyback feature to prevent it from suddenly unwinding.

The motor bracket is hinged to make speed changes easier. The designs of the both bench and floor bases were streamlined to make them easier to keep clean. A spindle lock is now provided so that the spindle can be fixed in place for those operations that require it, such as routing or shaping. Larger depth-stop nuts provide easier adjustment. Improved head-raising device, Y All Sauce Company. Other changes occurred over the years, both before and after the update.

For example, the quill knobs changed to plastic in the mids. A detailed type study would allow us to provide better manufacturing dates. Buffalo Machines, Inc. Additionally, they offer all replaceable tooling with over 10, parts in stock. Inwhen the H. This time Buffalo Forge is trying a different tactic: a court fight that uses the argument that a merger would violate antitrust and Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

The Ampco-Pittsburgh offer ''is inadequate and not in the best interests of the company Buffalo Forge Company its shareholders,'' said David R. Newcomb, president and chief executive officer. Newcomb would not put a value on the company, which still has its headquarters in the brick factory building in a rundown neighborhood where blacksmith forges once were made. Ampco already has purchased 72, shares, or 3. Faherty, an analyst with the Value Line Investment Survey, which told its clients Buffalo Forge Company the Ampco offer ''looks like a good deal'' for Buffalo Forge stockholders.

Both companies manufacture industrial equipment. Last week, a Federal judge, John P. Curtin, ordered that the financial records of the Berkman company be turned over to Buffalo Forge. Named for its first product, a portable blacksmith's forge equipped with a small fan, Buffalo Forge has evolved into a major manufacturer of specialized industrial fans, pumps and machine tools.

The portable fan grew into bigger fans and eventually into industrial air-conditioning equipment. The tools used to make the forges became a separate line of machine tools used to punch, bend and shape metal. Founded in —The company was founded in by two brothers, William and Henry Wendt, who ran it until when William sold his interest to Henry.

Henry died in and his sons, Henry and Edgar, ran the company together as chairman and president, respectively, untilwhen Edgar retired. Henry Wendt remained as chairman until he retired in The company went public inwhen it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Although only one family member, Frederick S. Pierce, sits on the board today, various Wendt family members in Buffalo and Tucson, Ariz. Pierce and other officers and directors say they do not intend to tender their shares to Ampco. Buffalo Forge, which has about 2, employees, operates three plants in the Buffalo area, two in Virginia, and one each in Canada and Mexico. The company's products have been used to ventilate the Lincoln Tunnel, recondition damaged Buffalo Forge Company at Pearl Harbor and clear the fog from the ice on warm nights during the Stanley Cup hockey layoffs in its home town.

Sales rose Dividends have been paid on the common stock each year since Despite management's refusal to sell shares now, Buffalo Lapguard Power Bank Company disclosure documents show that a Wendt family trust last fall sold 3, shares on the open market at the same time that Ampco was acquiring its shares. Details of the transaction were not explained further and the company will not comment on the matter.

After some negotiations, they approved a merger proposed from Ogden Corp. After the takeover, Ampco refused to recognize the Ampco agreement, contending that it resulted from a breach of the directors' fiduciary duty and constituted a manipulative device in violatino of Section 14 c of the Williams Act, 15 U. Ampco refused the tender of Ogden'sshares, refused to pay dividendss on the stock held by Ogden and denied Ogden the right to exercise its option for the purchase of additional shares.

Ampco sued for rescission of the transaction and sought damages from the individual members of the Buffalo Forge board if rescission was denied. The Second Circuit concurred with the findings of the U. Marathon Oil Corp. It found no misleading manipulative acts in this case.

Home Page. Manufacturers Index - Buffalo Forge Co. Buffalo, NY, U. Brief History Buffalo Forge Co. Parts and Service Buffalo Machines, Inc. Other Resources Buffalo machines did not have serial numbers and did not change much over the Buffalo Forge Company so it can be difficult to determine when a given machine was manufactured. An owwm. Google Books has a number of books and catalogs published by Buffalo Forge Co. Other items include the following: American Schools of Mechanical Technology The book is largely taken up with photographs of school shops equipped with Buffalo Forge equipment.

Fan Engineeringby Willis Carrier See also pages for Buffalo Forge post drills. That Buffalo Forge dates from about to at leastand primarily made iron bar stock.

Drew, tells the story of this business and the people who worked there, especially those who worked there in slavery. Advertisement for Canadian Buffalo Forge Co. That the Commissioner of Public Works be and he hereby is directed to cause the smoke nuisance maintained by the Buffalo Forge Co. Canadian industry, commerce, and finance; published as a companion volume to The Journal of Commerce, by J.

Ogden Corp. The decision came a month after Howden Group P. Carey, Jr. A court memorandum opinion regarding an asbestos-related lawsuit provides a brief recent history of Buffalo Forge.

ECF No. Ampco-Pittsburgh acquired Buffalo Forge I in Buffalo Pumps, Inc. Thanks to Theresa Silva for providing some of the material here, such as the information on non-drill products made by Buffalo Forge.

She died in Cope, page

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