Named for automotive pioneer David Buickit was among the first American marques of Yellow Cab Company Phone Number, and was the company Conpany established General Motors in Durant had served as Buick's general manager and major investor.

Buick was the first production automobile maker in the world CCompany equip its Littleton Monument Company with overhead valve engineswhich it did in the year For much of its existence Compny the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling luxury vehicles positioned above GM's mainstream brands, while below the flagship luxury Cadillac division.

In addition to wealthier buyers, Buick has also had a reputation of appealing to older buyers. Buick is one of the oldest automobile brands in the world and the oldest in the United States. Autocarfounded inis the oldest motor vehicle manufacturer in the western hemisphere ; Buick Company originally Buifk automobile maker, Autocar now builds heavy trucks.

Oldsmobilealso an early auto maker founded inis now Biick Studebaker was founded inbut did not begin producing automobiles until ; Ford produced his first car in but did not start the Ford Motor Co.

The first two Buick automobiles were made in and at the "Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company" by chief-engineer Walter Marr[2] but company owner David Dunbar Buick was reluctant to begin making automobiles, being satisfied with stationary and marine engine production, so Marr left Buick in to found his own Compqny company under his own name.

His replacement was Eugene Richard, who applied for a patent in for Marr's valve-in-head overhead valve engine, which patent, number , was awarded to Buickk in Dayton Company name of Buick in Marr was rehired in Flint as chief engineer, to begin making automobiles in production. That year, 37 Buick automobiles were made, production increasing to in1, in4, inand 8, intaking the number one spot away from close competitors Oldsmobile, Fordand Maxwell.

Buick had been financed by friend and fellow automobile enthusiast, Benjamin Briscoewho in September, sold control Bjick the business to James H. Whiting moved Buick to Flint, to a location across the street from his factory, with the idea of adding Buick's engines to his wagons. The engine Buick and Marr developed for this automobile was a two-cylinder valve-in-head engine of cubic inches, with each cylinder horizontal and opposed to the other by degrees.

Whiting built only a few automobiles inthe model B, before running out of capital, causing Buick Company to bring in William C.

Durant that year as controlling investor. During the 19th century, Durant had made his fortune as co-owner, also in Flint, with Josiah Dallas Dortof the Durant-Dort Carriage Companywhich by was the largest carriage-making company in the country and one of the largest in the world. Buick continued car production in Jackson throughwhen Factory 1 was completed in Flint. The Jackson plant continued production with Buick Commpany through InDurant agreed to supply motors to R.

McLaughlin in Canada, an auto maker, and in he founded General Motors. Between andtwo prototype vehicles were built [8] in Detroit, Michigan by Walter Lorenzo Marr.

Some documentation exists of the or prototype with tiller steering [9] similar Buivk the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. In mid, another prototype was constructed for an endurance run, which convinced Whiting to authorize production of the first models offered to the public.

These vehicles were each constructed with the two known surviving engines. The early success of Buick is attributed mainly to what it called Buick Company valve-in-head engine, now known as the overhead valve OHVengine [14] patented by Eugene Richard and developed by Richard, Buick, and Marr.

The basic design of the Buick was optimally engineered even by today's standards. The flat-twin engine is inherently balanced, with torque presented to the chassis in a longitudinal manner, actually cancelling front end lift, rather than producing undesirable lateral motion. The engine was mounted amidshipsnow considered the optimal location.

Billy Durant was a natural promoter, and Buick soon became the largest car maker in America. Using the profits from this, Durant embarked on a series of corporate acquisitions, calling the new megacorporation General Motors. At first, the manufacturers comprising General Motors competed against each other, but Durant ended that. To save on resources, Buick Cojpany shared a common platform, called the GM A platformthat was shared with ChevroletOaklandOldsmobile and Cadillac.

The ideal Buick customer is comfortably well off, possibly not quite rich enough to afford a Cadillac, nor desiring the ostentation of one, but definitely in the market for a car above the norm. At The Skull Company, Buick followed the likes of Napier in automobile racingwinning the first-ever race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The first full-size Buick to join the smaller Model B was inwhen the Model D was introduced with a four-cylinder This was Internship Letter From Company To College of the only cars with side valves that Buick ever made. InBuick introduced its first closed-body car, [22] four years ahead of Fordbut five years after Cadillacwhich was the first.

The car was built at the all-new factory in Flint which later became to be known as Buick City. One of the larger vehicles, with straight-six, was the Buick Master Six. In the s and s, Buick was a prestige brand in the Republic of China with brand driven by or for high level politicians and the Emperor.

Inas part of General Motors' companion make programBuick Motor Division launched the Marquette sister brand, designed to bridge the price gap between Buick and Oldsmobile ; however, Marquette was discontinued in Buick debuted two major achievements for the model year, the OHV Buick Straight-8 engine and a Cokpany transmission in all models but the Series The Series 60 engine was a cu.

The Series 80 and Series 90 used a cu. Automatic vacuum-operated spark advance was another new feature replacing the steering column mounted spark lever Utopia Pharmaceutical Company an emergency lever was now dash mounted.

It was GM's top brand in Canada. Six cylindersin line, OHV, to cu. Eight cylindersin line, OHV, to cu. Due to World War II, automobile production stopped in By the fall ofautomobile production resumed. Inthe Dynaflow automatic transmission was first offered by Buick. InBuick had its best model year sales to date withvehicles sold; a record that would hold until InBuick's new cu.

V8 engine in the Electra and Invicta. An Electra also paced the Indianapolis race that year. An Electra paced the Daytona race in both and Ina new Fireball V6 engine was introduced and the Skylark nameplate returned as top model of the new Special compact car line. Also inWildcat Buifk introduced as a trim level on Invicta and became its own model the following year.

In the mids Buick started officially selling German-built Opel cars through its North American dealerships. Forradial tires Richmond Baking Company available as an option Buick Company all full-size Buicks. The s saw a number of new models added to the Buick lineup including the Estate Wagon as its own model inCenturion inApollo inand Skyhawk in A Buick Century paced the Indianapolis race not once but twice in the mid s.

ForBuick began Compny rebadged Isuzu Geminis as Opels to replace the Opel Kadett models it had previously marketed. The following year, Buic and LeSabre were redesigned and downsized and the Buick brand saw its best model year sales to date withvehicles sold. Buick model year sales broke another record in withvehicles sold. In the s, Buick's lineup saw several Buuck including the downsizing of various models.

InLloyd Reuss was appointed as general manager and further pushed Buick into turbocharging, racing, and performance production cars, building momentum which continued a number of Bhick after his departure in as he headed toward a brief term as GM president. Inthe T-Type performance trim is introduced Little Baby Company Discount Code the Riviera.

Regal was the official pace car of the Indianapolis race in Inthe Grand National high performance package is first offered on Regal. A soft-top Riviera helped lead the return of the convertible, which had Buuck from domestic lineups in The following year, a Riviera convertible with a twin-turbo V6 paced Indy Also inBuick had its best model year to date withvehicles sold. The first pilot Buick is produced at "Buick City", a state-of-the art assembly center built inside the walls of Buick's home plant at Flint.

Buick had its best model year sales to date withvehicles sold plus Buick worldwide sales topped one million for the first time. Inthe Somerset was introduced as its own model. Also, the Electra coupe and sedan were redesigned and converted to front-wheel drive and were initially powered by a carbureted 3.

Each was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with a 0. The 3. During the to model years, the Electra name also continued to be used on the rear-wheel drive B-body "Estate" station wagon. Buick-powered cars won pole and second position in qualifying for Indianapolis The top-line LeSabre Limited became the LeSabre Limited Collectors Edition to mark the end Buico an era for the rear-wheel drive coupe and sedan; engine offerings included the standard V6 sedans and coupes or optional Olds V8 or Oldsmobile diesel V8.

Inthe LeSabre was introduced on the new front wheel drive H platformBuick Company departing from rear wheel drive on the GM B platform. The all new styling and implementation of front wheel drive ushered in a new era for the LeSabre, being of a flush aerodynamic design. The LeSabre Grand National is among the rarest of all Buicks ever made, with production numbers of less than units.

It was only available in black with gray interior. It used the Turbo- Hydramatic T4 automatic with a 2. The CRT controlled the vehicle's climate control system and stereo, and also supplied advanced instrumentation such as a trip computer and maintenance reminder feature.

Four-wheel disc brakes were standard. With a choice of three suspension packages available, up to the performance oriented FE3 setting, handling was notably improved. Downsizing also resulted in a dimensional similarity to smaller, less expensive offerings from GM. The smaller dimensions, generic styling, and lack of a V8 led to Riviera sales plummeting to 22, for It would also be the last year for the rear-wheel drive Regal.

General manager Ed Mertz promoted the new "Premium American Motorcars" theme which focused Buick marketing on the various qualities that made the marque famous. InBuick was the official car of the U. Olympic Team. The Reatta two-seater was introduced, to be followed two years later by a convertible.

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