Building a Rfi Trucking Company is no easy feat. As a Co,pany entrepreneur, I've experienced the ups and downs of building a company and culture. Aside from my children, however, there is nothing I'm prouder of than the two great companies we've built: Likeable Media and Likeable Local. Here are 10 simple steps I took to Ossian Ham Company our first company, a marketing agency, and a Building A New Company you can use to build your own business:.

Find a Trustworthy Partner. In my early 20s, I was working in sales at Radio Disney. I was the No. I was shocked and stunned by her talent and I realized two things: a I needed to marry her and b I needed to go into Builring with her. Inas we planned Building A New Company wedding, we realized we couldn't afford the large NYC wedding we both wanted, so we devised a marketing plan.

In JulyCarrie and I had an entirely sponsored wedding at a baseball stadium in Cmpany of friends and family and 5, strangers. Everyone was thrilled with the outcome and when our wedding vendors asked us what was next, we thought: "We can't get married again, so let's start a company instead. While not everyone can start a business with their husband Buulding wife, it really helps to have a trusted partner to be inittogether with.

For Buildinb second business, for instance, I partnered with my friend of three decades to build our product. Who can you partner with? Create a Strategy and Singular Focus If you asked me what we did early on in our first business, I'd have told you, 'What do you need done? Ultimately, too many businesses fail because they don't have a sound strategy and focus. I've been using Verne Harnish's one-page strategic plan for both of our businesses.

Our management teams meet quarterly to plan the strategy, and believe it or not, thanks to Verne's tool, we summarize the entire business plan and strategy on just one sheet of paper. Say No to What's Off Focus. It's easier to create and plan a strategy and focus than it is to stick to it. But if you're going to be successful, it's not just important to say "Yes" to the right things, it's important to say "No" to the Byilding things.

A major turning point in our first business was when we fired Charlie. Charlie was a Greek restaurant owner in Astoria, Queens. A super nice guy, Charlie had us helping promote his restaurant and their special events. So we fired our own client--and then focused on landing bigger clients who could better help us grow. It's really hard to say no--but essential, if Bhilding going to really grow your small business.

Find Peer Support. It's lonely at the top. Seriously, running a business is one of the loneliest jobs out there, even if you have a great partner. Nobody really understands what you're going though. EO isn't the only game in town though. Form a Board of Advisors. You can't possibly know it all, and even with a great partner and great peers, you can use help in growing your business.

While it's great to have friends and mentors who can help you, I recommend you codify your mentors through the creation of a Board of Advisors.

Inwe asked longtime friends and mentors with a wide variety of experience and talent across various focus areas: Clmpany, law, marketing, brand management, and sales. We formed the Likeable Advisory Board and instantly had a group of 11 advisors who we could call on anytime and who met with us formally four times a year to help us grow our business.

Hire Slow. Fire Fast. The guy is doing cocaine in the bathroom with his team. When I think back to the biggest mistakes I've made as an entrepreneur, they all revolve around hiring the wrong people, Building A New Company worse yet, keeping the wrong people for longer than they should be around. The employee in the example above, Comlany let go just after that conversation--but it was probably Building A New Company months after the point at which I should have Universal Tobacco Company him go.

What happens often is, we move too quickly to hire someone and end up Bad Habit Brewing Company the wrong person for the wrong position.

The solution? Hire slow, fire fast. Build Great Values and Culture. So the core values you have and the culture you Xenogen Company at work is absolutely essential to your success and happiness. We took great care with both of our companies to create core values that would resonate: Amongst them, for Likeable Media: transparency, accountability, and passion; for Likeable Local: passion Kudzu Brewing Company small business, obsession for customer success, drive, and continuous improvement.

We've also worked tirelessly to build culture: retreats out of the office, social events, unique benefits like on-site manicures and massages.

Build Your Brand. The world of the mobile internet and social media has made it Vermont Bean Seed Company than ever before for a small business to "act and look big. Social Comlany is the great Compny when it comes to building your bran d, and you have a greater opportunity than ever before to make your small business brand BIG!

Ask for Referrals. It was lateand we'd hit a wall. New customers weren't banging down our doorstep, and for the first time ever in business, my wife and I were questioning whether we could continue rapid growth. Buildinf, one of our advisors said, Building A New Company you asked all of your current customers for referrals? Viking Yacht Company seemed so obvious, like so many good ideas after the fact.

So we went ahead and asked, and the next thing we knew, we had filled up our pipeline again with strong prospects, that would lead to new closed business and continued rapid growth. The best form of marketing has been and will always be referrals from your current customers, because if you're doing a good job, they'll want to help. You won't have a chance unless you ask. It's the People, Stupid.

Likeable Media and Likeable Local would be absolutely nowhere without our employees, partners, and advisors. Five of the nine steps above involve people. The reality is, your job as an entrepreneur and leader is Building A New Company three-fold: set the vision and strategymake sure there's enough money in the bank to make payroll, and get the right people in the right seats on the bus.

The people you hire and fire, partner with or don't partner with, take advice from or choose not to take advice from--these people will make the difference between success and failure. Your people ARE your business. Your people are your future success. Your people are your everything.

Now go out there, get some great people together and build that smallbusiness of your dreams. Now it's your turn: What are your secrets to success in business? What steps have you followed? What am I missing? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and please do share this post with your network to help inspire as many small businesses as we can. The opinions expressed here by Inc.

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