Capital Group Cos. The company cut Vintage Hamper Company of jobs.

Employees and customers wondered if Capital Group could turn things around. At 56, Lovelace is slender, with bright blue eyes behind rimless glasses and a prominent forehead Nao Company by wavy, light brown hair.

New clients are coming with new money. For Mr. Lovelace Whiteboard Animation Company who, unlike his father and grandfather, is vice chairman instead of chairman — this challenge is bigger than Capital Group. Vanguard Group Inc. In some respects, Mr. Lovelace is resigned to the trend toward such low-cost, passive investing.

We just know what we do is even better. That contrarian streak can be traced back to Mr. He was on a California-bound train when the stock market crashed on Black Tuesday. This is in our DNA. And it ended up working so well, we kept it! Facebook Inc. He prefers Capital Research And Management Company Stock. Net of fees, the fund has beaten its benchmark consistently over two decades. He became interested in investing as a teenager and still owns shares of toymaker Hasbro Inc.

Until the financial crisis, American Funds outperformed competitors, losing less in bear markets and starting from a higher base in ensuing recoveries. It reeled in hundreds of billions of dollars after the dot-com bubble, vaulting to the top ranks of mutual fund families. As Capital Group thrived, a radical idea was starting to take hold. A growing body of academic research cast doubt on stockpicking. It was the first retail index mutual fund.

Back in Los Angeles, J Beard Company keeping with its generic name, the closely held Capital Group blended into the background.

Then, as today, it sold its funds through intermediaries such as retirement fund consultants and financial advisers. The north-facing windows provide a view of the Hollywood sign, but Capital Group has no celebrity managers, and its executives keep a low profile.

Capital Group installed Tim Armour, now 58, to take over. Compensation awards are heavily influenced by five- and eight-year records, promoting long-term performance.

Owned by partners, the company Universe Company secretive about its revenue and profitability. After Mr. Armour filed for divorce init intervened to seal court records that revealed compensation or financial performance.

The move surprised Mr. Armour, but he said it made sense for the company. The company offers Capital Research And Management Company Stock stock, bond, and balanced mutual funds, a modest menu imposed to avoid confusing customers and to gain scale to keep fees low.

It offers no exchange-traded funds, even though it received regulatory approval to do so in Vanguard overtook American Funds to become the biggest U. Capital Group executives grappled with what to do. Instead, they decided they had to Capital Research And Management Company Stock their relationship with clients. They kept selling funds through intermediaries, but used technology to improve customer relations. The American Funds website, which catered to advisers, was remade to include information for retail clients as well.

And the company developed a platform called North American Distribution Intelligence Augmentation, or Nadia, that draws data from digital traffic, phone calls, and other interactions to help its sales force anticipate client questions and demands from the advisers who sell American Funds. Lovelace said. Capital Group also found ways to cut costs.

It started providing funds that eliminate the upfront sales fees that traditionally induced advisers to sell its products. Portfolio managers with opposite views of the same securities exchange them internally, eliminating external transaction fees. Performance is the priority. That argument has gotten through to some people. This year the amount of money in passive U. Lovelace, that trend only reinforces his commitment to the research-focused investing Capital Research And Management Company Stock he inherited from his grandfather and father.

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