Ask about our automatic door opener systems for side hinged carriage garage doors. You can have the convenience of remote operation, AND the beauty of authentic wood carriage doors. The door of your Garage Roofing Company, garage or carriage house tells Carriage Door Company about you.

A good door beckons, shelters, and welcomes. It is a dramatic statement about the hospitality, strength and character of those who dwell within. If your home has a traditional period style, it belongs to the era in which it was created. They swing out. There's something good about that motion. Back in the day, barns were raised by farmers with the help of neighbors and extended family. The last thing up was the barn door. Built of a basic framework of vertical battens and horizontal Historical Charm Returns to America.

These days, Americans are seeing the need Carriage Door Company improve curb appeal and add value to their homes, thus this trend is fast-changing. Enter, authentic, swing out carriage garage doors. Carriage doors take us back to a simpler, Custom Crafted Authentic Carriage Doors. Would you like a free estimate? Spotlight Historical Charm Returns to America.

Carriage Garage Doors by Carriage House Door Company

Enhance its value with the perfect finishing touch: a custom wooden garage door from Carriage House Door Company. With distinctive period styles, Carriage House Door Company combines old-world design with state-of-the-art technology to replicate beautiful, period-style doors that compliment both new construction and tasteful retrofit. The result?…

Pricing Real Carriage Door Company

Real Carriage Door Company is required to collect sales tax for orders shipping to Washington state, as well as California. For exemption, please submit a reseller permit. DISCLAIMER *Door prices are for reference and are based on material, labor, and hardware ……