Home Sponsors. Local Information Channel 8. Stock Contractors. Started over 60 years ago Cervi Championship Rodeo has grown into one of the largest stock contractors for rodeo productions across the United States. Mike Cervi, founder, began his rodeo career at age 14, traveling across North America from the great plains of Texas to the rolling hills of Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada serving as a rodeo clown.

Throughout the years, the Cervi family has acquired the two largest companies in the rodeo business. You need color in the front and the employees in the back to make it run smoothly. In sons Binion and Chase Cervi along with their cousin Scotty took over the day to day operation of the rodeo company. Mike continues to oversee the entire operation and provide assistance, advice and experience when needed. With the age of cell-phones, computers and technology the younger generation has brought the rodeo company into the 21st Century while still keeping the family tradition alive.

They can be found working across the United States while traveling to rodeos and are never too far away from the day to day activities at home in Colorado on their ranches. Mike Cervi and the entire production crew continue to produce rodeos across the United States and with their vast knowledge, expertise and genuine love for the sport it is apparent where ever the crew travels that this is one of the best professions in the sport of rodeo.

Beginning his career while still in elementary school, he earned pocket change at the National Western Rodeo by shining shoes and boots for cowboys Cervi Championship Rodeo Company patrons. In his early teens Binion orchestrated a top trick-riding specialty act, which he performed at rodeos all around the country. Today Binion heads the production of rodeos, oversees the successful breeding program for Cervi bucking horses, manages the finances, and is the face of public relations for Cervi Championship Rodeo.

These little extras at Cervi Championship Rodeos provide fans a great feeling about the performances and an added Cervi Championship Rodeo Company for the western way of life. Rodeo cowboys value their relationship with Chase and talking to him about the Cervi stock and rodeo.

As a pick-up man Chase has acquired and developed the ability to anticipate the moves of the bucking horses and the needs of the bronc riders; he is able to quickly position himself to aid both the animal and the cowboy efficiently and effectively. Inand the top twenty bareback riders and saddlebronc riders in the world standings selected Chase as a pickup man to work the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV.

Scotty stays busy paying attention to all the details of Cervi Championship Rodeo Company excellent care of the stock from loading them on trailers, feeding, sorting, prepping stock for a rodeo, flanking horses and bulls, and getting Cervi Championship Rodeo Company home safely. He has developed the technique to a science by observing and understanding what is optimum for each of the individual animals.

As a flank-man Scotty also communicates with rodeo production on which horses will go in either the saddlebronc or bareback event. He knows each animals individual needs and gives each cowboy the best chance at having good stock to ride. Scotty is well respected by his 810th Mp Company peers for the detail he puts into his work.

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