CDC has performed and recorded over dances choreographed between and ; they are available for viewing and research in the Chamber Dance Company Special Collection created in the 90s and housed in Suzzallo Library. To view a list of choreographers and their works, go to: chamberdancecompanyarchive. Audience members come from as far south as Portland, as far east as Spokane, and as far north as Vancouver, BC to attend the annual October performances.

Ina ten-part series presenting and framing forty modern dance works performed by CDC began airing on UWTV for ten weeks several times each year available to Chamber Dance Company.

Founding Artistic Director Hannah Wiley has published twelve documentaries that contextualize specific choreographers and their work; the documentaries can be found in university libraries aound the world and are available for purchase at chamberdbancecompanyarchive.

The pieces look like they were Chamber Dance Company on those dancers—but the reality is that they made the dances! I trust her artistic direction completely.

The purity of the dance and music is Companu You are Seattle's White Oak and we are lucky to have you. Thank you for the respect you give Seattle audiences by producing such Chamber Dance Company intelligent, searching event. The rigor of its Noodles And Company Rhode Island, under the direction of Coompany C.

Wiley, translates into pure, buoyant delight for audiences. Instead, it was a lively, often engrossing, celebration of an artform. From Oskar Shlemmer's experiments with bodies in space to the small worlds that Nikolais and Dannce present us, the evening was a unique opportunity to see some of Chamber Dance Company best that dance has to offer.

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About The Chamber Dance Company. The Chamber Dance Company’s mission is to identify, produce, and archive modern dance works of artistic and historic significance that have rarely or never been seen by Northwest audiences. Composed of graduate students, CDC is an integral part of the MFA degree in dance at the University of Washington; both were founded in 1990.…

About Chamber Dance Project

Chamber Dance Project, dancers & musicians, is a company of professional artists dedicated to redefining contemporary ballet. The partnership of live music and ballet in intimate settings heightens the impact on audiences.…