Chery Automobile Co. It was founded by the government of China in and is a state-owned corporation. Chery's principal products are passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs; it sells passenger cars under the Chery marque and commercial vehicles under the Karry brand. Chery is the 10th-largest China-based automaker measured by output aroundunits. Chery began the production of automobiles in and their export from China in Chery has several vehicle assembly and component manufacturing facilities in mainland China, and its vehicles are assembled in around 15 other countries—primarily in factories not owned by the company that use either complete or semicomplete knock-down kits.

Its QQ city car, considered to be the best-known Chery model, [4] spawned a subbrand in its own right; the QQ6 and the QQme are two other cars produced by the company, and the original QQ may now be designated the QQ3.

Since the early s, Chery has received criticism for myriad alleged infringements of foreign manufacturers' intellectual property rights. Several Chery vehicles appear to have directly copied design elements from various foreign manufacturers. Some Vw Company Car criticize the company's name 'Chery' itself, which looks reminiscent of 'Chevy', the shortened name for GM's Chevrolet brand.

Chery was founded in as a state-owned enterprise by a group of officials from Anhui province and began automobile production in [5] using a chassis licensed from Volkswagen's SEAT Toledo. The Wall Street Journal has described Chery's corporate culture as "an odd hybrid of Communist state enterprise and entrepreneurial start-up", [5] and entrepreneurial risk-taking is evident in its early history.

Initial production was technically illegal as the company was only awarded a passenger car production license in[7] so while its first product rolled off the line in Decemberit could not be legally sold Lenovo Company Discount In the late s, Chery began to actively seek a partnership with a foreign automaker, a hallmark of major Chinese car makers. Tie-ups with both Chrysler and Fiat were touted, but fell through.

InFiat and Chery signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a car-making joint venture. Intended to begin operations init was to manufacture Fiat and Alfa Romeo-branded products for the Chinese market and be located in Maka Wuhu. The deal was put on hold in March Qorosa car-making joint venture between Chery and Singapore-based Kenon Holdingswas established in InChery producedunits, [23] and at this time it had an annual production capacity aroundunits.

Ina Tata executive stated that this deal was "still on track", [28] and some expect the planned production base to start output in In Juneplans to build a production base in Malaysia were announced, and as of Julythis project is proceeding without a local partner. After having introduced the Karry, Rely, and Riich subbrands inits sprawling production policy and lineup became a problem for Chery.

Chery's main production base in the mainland of China is located in Anhui. Harbor Group Management Company Jobs number of factories in developing countries manufacture Chery vehicles from either complete or semi-complete knock-down kits. With the exception of an Argentine cooperation, [21] and an Iranian factory, [22] these are not owned by Chery.

As of the beginning of13 operational factories produced Chery vehicles and an additional three were in development. In phase two, the plant will achieve an annual production capacity ofunits. The models produced there have been the hybrid-powered Celer since Octoberthe QQ since the second half of[45] Tiggo 2 since mid [46] and Arrizo 5 since October Assembly of Chery cars from complete knock-down kits began in Egypt in according to the company itself, [49] but news reports indicate that it only expressed initial interest in doing so that year.

In this country, Chery models have been assembled from knock-down kits since Manufacture from kits in Iran dates from as early as Making a QQ6 renamed the S21, it may be sold both inside and outside Iran. A small facility may have become operational around[50] and bya factory assembling Chery models from kits opened in Johor BahruJohor.

InChery expressed interest in exporting knock-down kits to this country, [50] and at present some assembly may occur. InChery agreed to export kits to this country, [59] and while an assembly factory was supposed to have become operational in[54] as of late Xinhua reported that Chery was conducting a "feasibility study" in regards to "moving production to Thailand". A production site was planned to be Cherry Car Company in the province of Sakaryain a collaboration with the local Chery dealer, Mermerler Otomotiv.

Chery has had a partnership with ZAZ since [61] and manufactures cars from kits at sites in Zaporizhia and Chornomorsk. First introduced to this country in mid, Chery vehicles continued to be the only licensed Chinese car exports to Venezuela as ofaccording to the company. In Russia, Avtotor produced Chery models from kits from to Its first car-making joint venture with a foreign firm, Qoros was established by Chery in cooperation with Israel Corporation inand planned to begin Orange Led Company in Higher-end Qoros cars are built with components and systems from foreign suppliers such as American Visteon and French Valeo.

From until aroundChery vehicles sold under four brand names : Chery, Karry, Rely, and Riich. Only the Chery passenger cars and the Karry brand for commercial vehicles are to remain. Chery makes cars, minivans, and SUVs. Chery engines have been bought by Fiat and exported to the US. The company has a customer service network that spans at least 31 Chinese provincesautonomous regionsand direct-controlled municipalities.

Chery currently offers a few hybrid and full-electric models, and it has established a tentative agreement with a foreign company for mass-production. China subsidizes oil an incentive for the State to encourage use and manufacture of electric cars[97] and some of Magic Hat Brewing Company automakers see opportunities in less mature electric vehicles because Western companies have yet to develop much of a lead in Vent Cleaning Company technology.

InChery signed a memorandum of understanding with the American company Better Place for the development of prototype electric vehicles to be used in pilot projects. InChery announced that it had built an all-electric car, the S In earlythe company showed an all-electric Chery Riich M1 to journalists. Chery has been the top Chinese auto exporter since[ citation needed ] and many of its exports may be in the form of knock-down Ocala Glass Company destined for overseas assembly.

The fact that, prior toit lacked a joint venture with an established western automaker may explain its export focus; a report by the US Congressional Research Service asserted that such joint ventures, commonplace in the Chinese auto industry, restrained overseas sales. Making its first export to Syria in[] as of Chery was the top exporter among Cherry Car Company automakers, a title it held since In some nations, companies Chery cooperates with build models in their own small factories.

An informal, Russian crash test yielded a poor score for a Chery model named the Amulet. Some Chery models have received good marks for safety, however. In[] the A3 Foreign Company Registration a five-star safety rating in the Chinese new-car-safety tests, C-NCAP, [] becoming the first indigenous car to achieve such a high-test rating.

GM Yantis Company San Antonio Texas claimed design duplication with many parts interchangeable between the QQ and the Matiz, [8] and GM China Group stated the two Solis Company Trial Balance, "shared remarkably identical body structure, exterior design, interior design and key components.

While some Chery cars are not copies, such as the Pininfarina -designed A3, [] the QQ may not Cherry Car Company the sole Chery model that wears famous-name designs; the Chery Tiggo is criticized for resembling the second generation Toyota RAV4.

Around that time Chinese state officials, including a vice-minister of commerce and a vice-director of the State Intellectual Property Office, publicly supported Chery. The Chinese have claimed that GM didn't properly patent their technology. An American entrepreneur with past experience importing developing country autos to the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chinese automobile manufacturing company. This article is about the Chinese automaker. For other uses, see Chery disambiguation.

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