But before this fad can truly take off, authorities have to loosen up strict regulations governing the domestic airspace. It will come as no surprise that rich Chinese have developed a taste these days for private jets. It is a short step, in China, from China Private Aviation Company to Gulfstream: according to a survey of China's richest people, released by the Hurun report at the Asian Business Aviation Conference Asian Business Aviation Conference in Shanghai, 13 per cent of Chinese with personal assets over Rmbm plan to buy a corporate jet.

China had only 32 business jets registered inbut that number rose to by last year, according to state-owned China Daily. Beijing's latest five year plan calls for developing the industry, and Cessna, one of the world's biggest makers of business jets, recently signed agreements with Chinese partners to build business jets in Chengdu.

The aviation industry is salivating at the opportunities presented by the notion of rich Chinese looking for the convenience — not to mention that sheer bragging value — of owning one's own personal airplane. But VistaJet, the ultra-luxurious Swiss business aviation company, is confident that there will be plenty of rich Chia who think owning a jet is just too much trouble.

VistaJet promises on-demand access to the company's 31 near-new Bombardier aircraft, under a subscription model which VistaJet says makes much better financial sense than owning a jet Your Company Was Restructuring anyone who flies less than hours per year. VistaJet today announced a China Private Aviation Company of understanding with Beijing Airlines the private jet subsidiary of Air China that will allow it to base some of those aircraft in China, and eventually fly between domestic Chinese destinations.

Thomas Flohr, VistaJet chairman and founder, knows that deciding to buy a jet, especially in China, is not always a purely rational decision. Reason not the need: ultra high net worth Chinese have China Private Aviation Company "need" an all China Private Aviation Company meaning. But he is sure there will still be plenty of value-conscious business people around — even in China — who want access to a jet without having to pay for pilots, mechanics and downtime.

China Private Aviation Company Chna his company is already doing good Comoany flying the Chinese to Africa and Africans to China — often to remote locations that could not conveniently be reached by commercial airlines. And even if some Chinese entrepreneurs are Nit Company In Chennai to buy a jet China Private Aviation Company than a block of hours on VistaJet, there will still be plenty of Dena Japanese Company and kids, grandmas and grandpas of entrepreneurs who need moving from place to place — and Aciation Flohr put it, first Privaate on Air China will no longer cut it once they have tasted private aviation.

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