We enable supply chain for custom-made metal or plastic parts as well as electromechanical products. China Sourcing Company the past 15 years, we have successfully helped businesses from small to Sohrcing companies. Their common needs are Industrial manufactured parts Surcing to engineering drawings. Custom Manufacturing of Parts. Custom Manufacturing of Products. Our manufacturing engineers are experts in casting, forging, molding, machining, welding, fabrication Bemis Company Joplin Mo surface finishing….

We design and build robotic production line to cut labor cost and improve quality consistency for large orders. Unlike a commodity, custom made products requires a lot of communication. Our highly experienced team makes it easy for you.

You are welcome to email us to get an assessment. Product Assembly and Packaging. Reverse Engineering. Invention to Production. Simple OEM. Dedicated Production Capacity. Over the years, we have helped companies from big corporations such as General Electric to small Amazon shops. We can help you get best price in China, solve manufacturing problems and control quality.

So,what do you need? On-Demand Sourcing from China We enable supply chain for custom-made metal or plastic parts as well as electromechanical products. Product Sourcing. Meet the Team Unlike a commodity, custom made Chona requires a lot of communication. We are totally fine Comany taking on low volume production of a variety of parts We also offer economic molding options with fast turnarround.

Invention to Production Our engineers China Sourcing Company give valuable suggestion to make Sougcing design suitable for mass SSourcing. Check out two cases we did. If you want full control of your China supply, check out two cases we did. Automatic production to get lowest cost and consistent quality.

Product Assembly and Packaging Reverse Engineering. Requst a Quote.

Top 8 Sourcing Companies and Agents in China: A Comparision

Unlike other China-based companies, Baysource Global is based in the US and its head office is situated in Tampa, Florida. It offers a wide range of services to mainly US clients (small-medium businesses) from contract manufacturing to sourcing services. The company acts as a China sourcing agent for US-based importers and buyers.…

kimwalt – China Sourcing Company

Sourcing solutions We can help you purchase any good from China, control the quality and get it delivered right at the place of your preference. We deal with individuals and businesses, and our partners are from Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique...), Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti, Chile, Panama.…

The Sourcing Company Sourcing, Manufacturing and Shipping

Product sourcing has always been tough and costly for businesses requiring less than 5 to 10,000 units. The Sourcing Co. has opened our doors, facilitating sourcing needs for businesses of all sizes. We remove the difficulties of manufacturer selection, product sampling, price negotiation, product testing, shipping, customs clearance, and ...…