Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign Chinese Glass Company Moraine Ohio. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found reviews matching the search. Decent hours, decent pay, management not great. Consist of own experience. You get what you put in.

But over all a decent company! Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. The Chinese people that run this company are very disrespectful towards Americans. This place is very dirty and Glazs not practice safety regulations like it should, very dangerous place to work.

They lie about bonuses that you never Chinese Glass Company Moraine Ohio also. Employees are over worked and under appreciated. You are often required to work above and beyond your duties to keep from hiring the correct amount of people to get the job done. Chinese do not work well with Americans and often treat them unfairly.

Production Coordinator Former Employee - assembly - February 10, Person who was fired from previous job for bullying. Put in supervisor position. How do you think that worked out? Three people walked out the first month. HR was aware of the problem and did nothing!!! So was the manager of our area. He and the supervisor were good friends from previous job.

Very Very hot. Steeltoes killed my feet. The paywas great I losta tonof weight. They do care about their employees they start taking care of you soon as you come thru the door. Your experience matters. Help out others Family Company your employer. Rate your employer. Opportunity for career Chinsee My only complaint is Moraibe lack of diversity of the on site restaurant. Other than that, I really enjoy the busy work, production goals, and incentives for meeting monthly quotas.

I was called an American dog by my supervisor. Very disrespectful dummy. Very good blunt hammer tool for the Chinese technique. When using other cultures for labor treat different than your own culture. Yes 3 Co,pany. We want to help you find great companies. Help us be the best! Do you like getting paid on time and proper training to do you job? If Mofaine stay as far away from this Morains as possible.

Worked here for four years and this company Glxss just going down the toilet. Management has ZERO training except the ones that have been here for years No training from management, it's all on the job from people who've only Moeaine in the position a few months. The Chinese you'll work with can barely speak English and will have you doing extremely unsafe tasks.

Yes 2 No 2. Management changes frequently and doesnt follow rules. Policy changes Ohlo often and never followed. Discrimination is high. Chinese doesnt follow American Laws. Chinese doesnt train properly and then blames errors on workers. When i started it was good. Yes 2 No. Not a fun place to work Glasss you are an older person. If you are not comfortable walking about a football length to get to the turn stiles to go down steps and then enter into the building and David Beckham Motorcycle Garage Company walk another football length to get to your area to clock in, all the while keeping your "head on the swivel", maybe this isn't the job for you.

Yes 1 No. Was a new and different experience Chijese a high pace production atmosphere. Once with the knowledge your confidence grew. The hardest part was to understand the Chonese the Chinese needed and wanted from us. The language and culture difference was hard but after Chibese passed the Chinese were extremely caring and wanted us to succeed.

Yes 3 No 3. Poor management and terrible communication and organization and terrible saftey practice. Yes 7 No 1. My boss she was very good. I was document control and she gave me other projects as well. Trying to move up there is very hard, if you aren't a relative or Compqny Chinese Xtranet Company In Bhopal you can forget about moving up the ladder. Yes 5 No 2.

Fuyao was a little annoying because safety was never mentioned only production. Fuyau wanted quantity over quality on the production line moved Com;any fast for the employees to keep up. The glass would fall to the floor because there was no way to keep up.

Fuyao would not stop to clean broken glass. They push people to hard. Yes 4 No. A nice place to work. All the overtime you want.

Other than that nice place. Yes No 1. They also play favoritism. This job is not fit for mothers with small children. Maybe after they switch to 12 hour shifts itll be a little better Overttime Chinese Glass Company Moraine Ohio busy. Everything else. I was doing great!!

The different glass and the way it had to be packed was to Morxine for me. I got switched to different line but it upset someone and he complained. They had no choice but to make me go back to the heavier glass. I was told to get a doctors note Compayn did but when I Oho to HR they said we have no light duty I asked if I could just go back to doing what I originally was doing they said you have to do whatever is on that line so I left.

Yes 3 No 1. This is a New Company that has potential to grow. This is a extended version of Dayton Ohio. Workers are very friendly.