Whether you have opted to start a commercial cleaning business, residential housekeeping service or a combination of the two, there are federal, state and, often, local laws that you have to follow. It should be noted, however, that the process of applying for these permissions can be time-consuming. You may have to wait several Cleaning Company Registration, or even months, before your paperwork is in order.

You'll need to consider your business model. While it is possible to operate a cleaning business as a sole proprietor or as part of a partnership, you might find that organizing as a limited liability company or corporation does a better job of protecting your personal assets.

Organizing as a corporation or LLC can provide you with this protection if you, or an employee, inadvertently damages a client's property.

In addition, if Cleaning Company Registration of your workers becomes injured or causes an injury, a corporate or LLC structure can protect your personal assets in case of a lawsuit.

An Golden Diamond Company can assist in organizing your business, drawing up the bylaws and, if necessary, legally registering your corporation or LLC with the state. If you are finding the intricacies of starting a cleaning business overwhelming, you might want to look into purchasing a cleaning franchise.

Each state has its own business licensing laws, and you'll Pizza Company Nha Trang to learn which laws apply to your business. In Cleaning Company Registration cases, you only need to apply for a general business license from your state. Having a business license may also be necessary if you plan to open a business bank account or seek insurance and bonding for you and your workers.

Business licenses can also make developing relationships with vendors of professional cleaning products, cleaning tools and uniforms easier to develop. These vendors typically want to open accounts with established businesses, and your license shows that you are operating legitimately. You may also need a business license or permit from the city or town in which your business is headquartered.

If you operate a partnership or corporation, or plan to hire workers, you have to apply for an Employer Identification Number through the IRS. The number is free, and the easiest way to apply for it is online.

Once you have this number, you'll be able to open an account with Cleaning Company Registration IRS into which you can pay Cleaning Company Registration income taxes that you deduct from your workers' paychecks. Cleaning Company Registration your business employs workers, you may decide to contract with a payroll service that can handle all tax deductions and remittances for you. Otherwise, you may need to pay state and local income taxes manually when you process paychecks.

Some states require you to collect sales tax on your services. You will be required to file regular reports with your state's revenue agency and can submit tax payments along with these reports. Lainie Petersen is a full-time freelance writer living in Chicago.

She has written on part-time, full-time and freelance employment for a variety of online and offline publications. She holds a master's degree in library and information science from Dominican University.

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