In a limited companythe liability of members or subscribers of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company. Limited companies may be limited by shares or by guarantee. The Abbreviationn may be further divided in public companies and private companies.

Who may become a member of a private limited company is restricted by law and by the company's rules. In contrast, anyone may buy shares in a public limited company. It is also common for a distinction to be made between the publicly tradable companies of the plc AAbbreviation for example, the German Aktiengesellschaft AGBritish PLCCzech a.

This is a company that does not have share capital, but is guaranteed by its memberswho agree to pay a fixed amount in the event of the company's liquidation. Charitable organisations are often incorporated using this form of limited liability. Another example is the Financial Conduct Authority. In Australia, only an unlisted public company can be limited by guarantee.

Has shareholders with limited liability and its shares may not be offered to the general public. Shareholders of private companies limited by shares are often bound to offer the shares to their fellow shareholders prior to selling them to a third party.

A public limited company can be publicly traded on a stock exchange ; this is similar to the U. Corporation Corp. An Australian Abbreviztion with only Limited or Ltd after its name is a public companysuch as a company listed on the ASX. Australia does not have a direct equivalent to the plc. A shareholder is thus afforded limited liability.

In Brazila limited company is registered as any other type of company. After that the Ltda. In Canada, a person wishing to register a limited company must file Articles Abbeviation Incorporation with either their provincial government or the federal government.

In India, there are three types of limited company: a public limited Co Company Abbreviation, a Abbrevistion limited company, and a one-person company. A company's liability may be limited by shares, in which case the liability of the company's members Compaby limited to the amount of the shares held by them, or it may be limited by guarantee, in which case the liability is limited to a predetermined amount the company's members have agreed to contribute if the company is dissolved with outstanding liabilities.

A one-person company OPC is a private company with Urban Management Company proprietorship and privileges to a private limited company, but with fewer requirements; this type of company may have only one director and member. However, after in the recent Companies Amendment Actthis requirement is scrapped, and a company can go ahead with its incorporation without fulfilling this criterion.

In Nigeriathere are two types of limited companies namely: a company limited by guarantee and a company Carrot Company English by shares. The company limited Co Company Abbreviation shares is further divided into two namely a Private limited company Ltd.

In Nigeria shareholders of limited companies are only liable for the amount of money they contributed to the company, All Nigerian companies regulated by the CAMC Company and Allied Matters Commission. In South Africathe term "Proprietary Limited", abbreviated " Pty Ltd", is used to refer to a private limited company. The registration of companies in the United Kingdom is done through Companies Housewhich operates offices in LondonCardiffEdinburgh and Belfast.

Prior to 1 Octoberthe registration of companies in Northern Ireland was the responsibility of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment a department of the devolved government. On the commencement of the Companies ActNorthern Ireland's previously distinct company law was repealed and the new companies code instituted by that Act was extended to Northern Ireland. In the United Statescorporations have limited liability and the expression corporation is preferred to limited company.

A " limited liability company " LLC is a different entity. However, some states permit corporations to have the designation Ltd. A Limited company must file annual tax returns "corporation" tax returns with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In Zimbabwe the term " Pvt Ltd" refers to a private company limited by share capital.

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