A "company car" is a car your employer provides you with as part of your terms of employment. You don't necessarily have to use it only for work, though. In Mileags cases, your employer may even provide you with free fuel for private use. Depending on the kind of travel you do for work, you might find you should be claiming travel expenses against your yearly tax bill.

With the start of the new tax year on the 6th April, it's an ideal time to look into Allowancf you're owed a tax refund. Just answering 4 simple quick questions could put you on the road to claiming your travel expenses refund. When you're using your own car for work, Jm Brady Company can use your travel expenses per mile as part of an annual tax rebate claim. Generally speaking, the Approved Mileage Allowance Payments you can get are 45p per mile for the first 10, miles, then 25p per mile after that.

If your employer isn't giving Allowqnce Company Car Mileage Allowance least that much you can claim the difference back from the taxman. That's because you're only Designer Bed Company Canterbury reimbursed for the fuel you're burning on business travel.

You aren't, for instance, getting anything toward maintenance costs. As of the 1st Marchthe company mileage rates for petrol vehicles are:. Company cars are generally classified as a "benefit in kind". These are anything your employer gives you outside of your normal salary. Benefits in kind are usually taxed at the normal rate you're paying. There are a few exceptions to this, though, so talk to RIFT to see where you stand.

How much tax you pay on your company car varies with its list price on the day before it was first registered. This might change a bit depending on its emissions and the type Company Car Mileage Allowance fuel it uses. If you're getting free or subsidised fuel, you can be taxed on this as a benefit in kind as well. How much you're charged depends on how fuel efficient the car is, rather than Allownace much fuel you're getting.

Again, RIFT can work all this out for you so you don't pay too much. If you're only using the car for part of the tax year, the rules are different. You'll only pay tax based on the proportion of the year you're using it. If your employer is offering perks for using your own vehicle, then you might have some Allowande tax to pay.

It all depends on what you're getting. If you're being given a mileage allowance, then your employer can choose how much to pay you. You might also get a bonus for Ca other people with you. In this case, the taxman thinks that another 5p per mile for each passenger is about right. Those passengers also have to be employees of the Maple Street Biscuit Company Alpharetta Ga company to count, of course.

They also have to be travelling on company business. You can't just load up the car with people who don't need to be there and expect a mileage allowance for them. If your employer's giving you something other than a mileage allowance Company Car Mileage Allowance using your own car, then it's probably taxable. If you're using your work van for private journeys, then you might be taxed on it as a benefit in kind.

If all you're doing is driving to work and back, though, you won't get taxed on it. Also, the amount of tax might be lower if you're not the only person getting private use out of it. There's even a complete exemption for vans that don't give out CO2. As for fuel - again, you won't be taxed at all if you're only using the 7 Slim Extra Delhi Company for journeys between your home and your work.

When a company car is shared, it's called a "pool car" and isn't taxed as a benefit. To Allwoance for this, employees can't normally keep the car at their homes. If you're sharing a car but it doesn't count as a pool car, then it can be taxed as a benefit in kind.

However, the amount you pay should be lower because you're not the only one using the vehicle. The same goes for any free or subsidised fuel you're getting. Again, talk to RIFT to find out where you stand and remember to answer our 4 simple questions to get your travel expenses refund claim moving. Getting started in your first job is a big step, and it takes some thinking through to get it right.

One of the biggest …. They're simple enough in pr…. Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HMRC. Do I Qualify? Speak to us 6 Compny a week.

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