This datasheet has HQ Battlefield Role. Full list of Astra Militarum units sharing same Battlefield Role follows:. Pistols are carried one-handed and can even be used in a melee to shoot at point-blank range.

Many warriors carry one Company Commander Model a sidearm, alongside their primary weapon. Grenades are handheld explosive devices that a warrior throws Company Commander Model the enemy while their squad mates provide covering fire.

Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. Rapid Fire weapons are versatile weapons capable of aimed single shots at long range or controlled bursts of fire at close quarters. Army List. Datasheets collated. Dedicated Transport. Fast Attack. Heavy Support. Lords of War. Astra Militarum — Company Commander. A Company Commander is a single model armed with a laspistol and frag grenades. Pistol 1. Grenade D6. Assault 2.

Voice of Command. Senior Officer : This model may use the Voice of Command ability twice in each of your turns. Resolve the effects of the first order before issuing the second order. Ranged Weapons. Rapid Fire 1. If any hit rolls of 1 are made for attacks with this weapon, the bearer is destroyed after shooting with this weapon. Melee Weapons. When attacking with this weapon, you must subtract 1 from the hit roll. Laspistol used in following datasheets: HQ. Chainsword used in following datasheets: HQ.

Melee Weapon. Frag grenade used in following datasheets: Company Commander Model. Shotgun used in following datasheets: HQ. Wound Roll. Falling Back. Invulnerable Saves. Bolt pistol used in following datasheets: HQ. Boltgun used in following datasheets: HQ. Plasma pistol used in following datasheets: HQ. Power axe used in following datasheets: HQ.

Power fist used in following datasheets: HQ. Power maul used in following datasheets: HQ. Power sword used in following datasheets: HQ. Faction Rules.

When the bearer fights, it makes 1 additional attack with this weapon. When attacking with this weapon, choose one of the profiles below. Close combat weapon. Take Aim! Even amid the clangorous din of battle, the bellowed instructions of an officer recall the countless days each soldier spent conducting targeted fire drills. Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for all the models in the ordered unit until the end of the phase.

First Rank,Fire! Second Rank, Fire! By sheer weight of fire, the mortal Eby Body Company of the Astra Militarum can annihilate whole armies of enemies. All lasguns and all hot-shot lasguns in the ordered unit change their Type to Rapid Fire 2 until the end of the phase. Bring it Down! Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for all the models in the ordered unit until the end of the phase.

Forwards, for the Emperor! With the correct motivation, Astra Militarum soldiers can march at full pace without eschewing their duty to fire upon their enemy. The ordered Hermes Company can Company Commander Model this phase even if it Advanced in its Movement phase.

Get Back in the Fight! To retreat is not Company Commander Model to concede defeat, and a tactical withdrawal can open up new opportunities for troops to showcase their firing Oil Company Index. The ordered unit can shoot this phase even if it Fell Back in its Movement phase. When the needs of the battle dictate, soldiers can be ordered to march Company Commander Model, moving quickly to close range with the enemy or to secure an open flank.

Instead of shooting this phase the ordered unit immediately moves as if it were the Movement phase. It must Advance as part of this move, and cannot declare a charge during this turn.

Fix Bayonets! With a bellicose cry, troops can be ordered to descend upon their foe with close-quarter weaponry, stabbing, slashing and bludgeoning until they have secured victory for the Emperor. This order can only be issued to units that are within 1" of an enemy unit. The ordered unit immediately fights as if it were the Fight phase.

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company commander. Platoon and lower echelons do not have METs or a METL. Based on the company ... The subordinates employ the Army training model by planning for, preparing for, executing, and assessing each training event. They aim for the unit to train the METs to standard. In the development of the…

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