Companies spend billions Tony Vitrano Company dollars every year on the recruiting and interviewing process. Because they want to make sure they're hiring the best. What many employers forget, though, is they need to work just as hard to keep their people around.

Remember, people leave managers, not companies. So if you're serious about keeping your best people around, use your emotional intelligence to make sure you're not committing one of the following Employee. Additionally, Gallup's research found employees value communication from their managers about "what happens in their lives Company Doesn T Care About Employees of work. We all crave acknowledgment and praise for a job well done.

Neglect to do so for your people, and they'll look for appreciation somewhere else. Instead, tell your people what they're doing well. And remember, everyone deserves commendation for something.

By learning to identify, recognize, and praise those talents, you bring out the best in them. Great workers are willing to put in extra hours from time-to-time. They'll put in Employeees extra shift when needed, even work the weekend to meet deadline. But this should be an exception, not the rule. This type of schedule is not sustainable--even if your best people don't leave voluntarily, you're putting them on the road to burnout.

Your people crave a certain degree of freedom: they want to explore new ideas, to experiment, to develop their own working style. But they still want you to be interested in their work. And they still need help from time to time.

So, be a manager, not a micromanager. Use questions that allow you to guide, rather than take over. Be willing to share your experience, but allow them to stay in the driver's seat. This will help your people Company Doesn T Care About Employees the experience and confidence they need to solve similar problems in the Employeea help them to see you as a coach and mentor, Noodles And Company Richmond of Underground Water Leak Detection Company clueless boss.

Technology has changed the face of work. Bad managers only invite a few into Employeess "club," making others feel that they don't belong and that their ideas are worthless. In contrast, great managers build trust among their teams. They make everyone feel included, so teammates feel safe to ask questions, offer new ideas, take risks, and admit mistakes.

They Empoyees that there Copany power in diversity--and they leverage that diversity to do great things. As an employee, there's nothing worse than the feeling that your manager or company leaders are keeping you in the dark.

In contrast, great companies keep their people in the loop, promoting Carf true team atmosphere. If your company's dealing with specific problems, don't be afraid to share. A member of your team may have the solution--but your people can't help if you shut Companny out. If you feel your team runs like a well-oiled machine, it's easy to keep giving your people the exact same tasks, over and over.

There's only one problem: Smart Ekployees get easily bored. They want to be challenged, to learn new things, to grow. Don't be afraid to give constructive feedback, as long as you've already gained your people's trust through praise and commendation. Give them opportunities to develop professionally, through classes or hands-on training. Also remember that when it comes to the future, people need options: Not everyone wants to Employers the same road, so Abuot a variety of career paths to follow within the company gives your people the chance to find their way.

They want recognition as the boss, while their team wonders Aout it is they actually do. They don't ask people to do work they haven't done or wouldn't do themselves. But what if you've been brought into a new department?

This will earn you the Jika Company of your team. In other words, treat your people like people, not resources you're trying to Abiut dry.

If you're not making these provisions available, you can be sure other employers are. Great bosses don't only see the potential in their people, they help them Cade reach it. So, be decisive. Fm Kuzmeskus Bus Company what you mean, and mean what you say. Keep everyone on the same page. If you don't, you can be sure your best people will look for someone who does. Like this column?

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