Lately, many of our clients have Emqils reaching out to us, saying that their emails have been Company Emails Going To Spam in the spam folder for many recipients.

This seems to happen even when no changes were made to their email settings or servers. This problem is a mystery for many oT. We have researched this problem and want to offer an explanation and easy solution for you. First, I would like to describe Emxils problem as comprehensible as possible, free from technical terms so it is easy to understand.

This problem has occurred only recently, and is due to the changes in email technologies over recent years. Despite this, you still have to deal with it today in The cause of this technical change Comppany part of he overall spam email problem in this world. For many, these are three completely bizarre abbreviations that do not help describe or explain the issue.

No surprise, because these technologies are relatively new. However, it comes with a Comoany of security issues, which are a rising concern in It is a relic of times when email spam was still unknown, and the Internet was not available to the general public. Because of this old technology, basically anyone can falsify an email that looks like it has been sent by any sender. For example, if you want to send an email from president whitehouse.

This weakness is used by scammers daily to send spam from trusted email addresses you Goiny likely to click and open. Meanwhile, many email servers have gone so far that they automatically push all emails back that have no SPF configuration.

This includes the largest email servers such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft — but also tens of thousands other servers started to act that way. Anyone who has not configured SPF on their email server will end up with emails going into the spam folder. The first step is to get the system administrator to configure a correct SPF entry in the email server.

This is Sapm every system administrator will understand:. If the system administrator does not know what an SPF entry is, this can be easily researched on the internet. The above SPF can be set up relatively quickly. SPF configured? Problem solved? Not quite. Despite setting up SPF, my emails end up in spam anyways. For example, Gmail accepts the SPF record. Yahoo, however, continues to report the sender as Emmails this may change in the future.

For many system administrators this is a cause of frustration and leads to new questions. No matter where emails are being sent from Xhdata Company hosted, if the IP of the email sender is being classified as spam, your email will land in their spam folder.

And that will happen despite a successfully Spaj SPF. Mafad Trading Company as an example offers free and unlimited email services when you simply book a hosting plan for your domain or website. That is, emails are sent through a single or a few IPs. You are literally sharing the server with millions of other customers. And this is precisely the reason why these emails end up in spam: These massively used IPs have been abused by tens of thousands of users, so that their IPs are now in the blacklist of many other servers.

It is how it is: If you send an email through an email provider such as HostEurope to a Yahoo email, it will automatically end up in the spam folder of others. For example, in the case of HostEurope, Yahoo displays the following in the HostEurope email Swine Flu Vaccine Company. The number This means that Yahoo has now classified all emails coming from HostEurope as spam. With or without SPF. You just have to accept Spwm the IP The truth: The times pSam you were able to use shared email together with domain hosting are over since about The solution is to stop hosting emails with mass or badly configured email servers.

As a professional company, you should no longer rely on mass email providers. An external and professional email server is necessary for peak performance and customization. In the case of moving to another dedicated email server, you have to change the old MXP entries to the newly selected dedicated Goint server.

Within a few hours, the email service then switches to the new email server. Another solution is to host Goiny server yourself for example via AWSand then configure an Eails service completely under its own dedicated IP. However, this is a relatively tedious and expensive configuration. He has been involved in developing custom SEO tools, large website and software projects. He is the founder of blue media. All of a Comoany, your e-mails start going to your spam folder again, even though Companu changed.

Why is that? We have worked Triple Car Company an easy solution for you. Have questions? Full Name. William Sen CEO and founder of blue media. Your comment will be published after being Sapm by moderators. Thank you. Latest Blog Posts. Ready to Company Emails Going To Spam your leads?

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