Formerly called the RCA Building from toand later the GE Building from toit was renamed the Comcast Building infollowing the transfer of ownership to new corporate owner Comcast. Its name is often shortened to 30 Rock. The building is best known for housing the headquarters and New York studios of television network NBCas well as the Rainbow Room Animal Supply Company Login. It stands feet m shorter than the Empire State Building.

The construction of Rockefeller Center occurred between and [note 1] on land that John D. Rockefeller Jr. NBC was one of the first tenants in the new RCA Building, and with 35 studios packed into the lower base of the building, it was also one of the largest tenants.

Hanson was faced with designing an area of the building that was large enough to host 35 studios with Company Headquartered At 30 Rockefeller Plaza few structural columns as possible.

This was achieved by placing all the studios in the story, the windowless center part of the building, which would have otherwise been used as an unprofitable office space. The Rockefeller family moved into various floors and suites throughout the same building to give potential tenants the impression of occupancy. John D.

Rockefeller had a private vault in the basement of the building, accessible via a private elevator from his office. Shortly after the RCA Building's opening, there were plans to use the building above the 64th floor as a public "amusement center".

That section of the building had several terraces, which could be used as a dance floor, observatory and Omc Oil Company terrace gardens. Darling quit his job as head of Rye's Playland [42] in order to direct the programming for the proposed amusement space. To transport visitors to the top floors, Westinghouse installed eight express elevators in the RCA Building. Novelty Light Company former museum space became office and retail space that was twice as profitable.

Much of the street-level space was also transformed into a studio for the Today Show. Inthe New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission declared that the entire original Rockefeller Center would officially become a city landmark. The Company Headquartered At 30 Rockefeller Plaza from the ground level only reached the 65th floor, and observatory visitors were required to transfer to another "shuttle" elevator that went between the 65th and 69th floors.

InNBC bought the space it had leased in the center for over sixty years. Due to interference with a U. Coast Guard radio channel, the transmitter was eventually relocated atop the MetLife Building. Plans for the Sea Management Consulting Company of the observation deck were announced in November As an icon of the complex, 30 Rockefeller Plaza's architecture, with its limestone facade and Gothic -inspired four-leafed spandrels[72] [73] influenced the design of the rest of the complex.

The eastern tower contains the Rainbow Room restaurant on the 65th floor, [82] : while the Rockefeller family office occupied the tower's 54th through 56th floors until Below the building is the complex's shopping concourse, [87] [88] connected to the lobby via escalators. The open lobby's rich materials and reduced black and beige ornamental scheme is enhanced by dramatic lighting.

Part of NBC's space also extends into the central part of the tower. Since the middle of a block was seen as typically not a well-desired location for Manhattan office space, this segment was planned without windows, which was suitable for NBC's studios.

The building is accessed mainly from Sixth Avenue. The facade of the annex rises straight from the sidewalk, set back from the corners because there were private properties at these corners at the time of the building's construction in Lee Lawrie 's carved rendering of Wisdom is located above the east entrance of the main building and is flanked by his renderings of Sound on the left and Light on the right. The lobby wall of 30 Rockefeller Plaza originally contained the controversial Man at the Crossroads mural by Diego Rivera.

The 65th floor of the building is an event room and restaurant named the Rainbow Roompreviously run by the Cipriani family. Suffering from a decline in business following the financial crisis of —08the restaurant closed in On September 17,it was announced that the Rainbow Room would reopen in fall after undergoing a full restoration, along with a new executive chef and management team.

The observation deck atop the skyscraper, dubbed "Top of the Rock", May Motor Company Llc built to resemble the deck of an ocean liner.

It offers sightseers a bird's eye view of the city, competing with the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building feet 61 m higher.

It is often considered the best panoramic city view, [] mainly because it offers a far-away view of the Empire State Building. The frameless safety glass around the perimeter of the deck dates towhen the facility reopened to the public.

The Horse Trailer honor was restored for the —08 season. The purchase allowed the company to introduce new technologies and renovate the space; it also gave them options to renew the lease on the Today Show studios, broadcast from a nearby building, 10 Rockefeller Plaza. During its run, Rosie O'Donnell broadcast her syndicated talk show from the building. Detail of Comcast Building entrance, showing verse from Isaiah From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Philadelphia building, see Comcast Center.

Office skyscraper in Manhattan, New York. Historic district Contributing property. Main article: Rainbow Room. View of the building's facade from the east, above Rockefeller Plaza. Architecture portal New York City portal.

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Sep 29, 2018 · NBC Studios are located in the historic 30 Rockefeller Plaza (on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets) in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. The network is headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, with additional major offices near Los Angeles (at 10 Universal City Plaza), Chicago (at the NBC Tower) and Philadelphia (at the Comcast Technology Center). The ……