Avoid the cloud of confusion between brand image and brand reputation. Your Palladio Company will thank you. You use these terms. Your team should live by these terms. And your trusty customers can affect these terms—whether you like it or not. Shall we? Image is not a static facet, either. Think about the idea of luxury. What was considered luxurious in the s is not seen Company Image And Reputation luxurious today.

Brand reputation measures how people consider your brand. When someone thinks about Imag company, what pops to mind? When people talk about your business, do they speak positively or negatively? Are people drawn to your brand or repelled by it? After all, you should care less what the general public thinks and quite a Compay about what your core and goal customers think. We know that in the fast-paced, quick-to-label world we live in, these two ideas can get shuffled.

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