What we love about announcement emails is that they are directly related to marketing, but they are also used for internal, company-related matters, such as the promotion or the resignation of an employee. For that reason, we decided to create an article where you can find templates for all the different types of announcement emails you may need to use. Announcement emails that have the purpose of introducing a new businessallow a company to reach out to an existing customer base instantly, instead of relying on other media sources, such as TV advertisements or printed media.

Keep in mind that business launch emails can be mainly used by two types Company Planning Process businesses:.

As you can see, they start by mentioning the area of the new location and follow-up by showing an image that helps their fans refresh their memory regarding all the store locations. After the announcement of the new store, they make an irresistible offer free appointment and add a very strong and visible CTA Book now.

Mailigen offers a bunch of different templates that you can use to announce your new store location. Whether you want to make your email stylish in design or keep things simple text onlythe following template can act as a great sample that you can adjust to your needs. Dear [name], We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last [enter number] of years, we are expanding!

In fact, we Ea Electric Company opening a new store in [enter location and specifics]. We invite you to celebrate with us during the big opening day on [enter Company Launch Email Example. There will be many exciting surprises, including irresistible discounts. See you there. Team [name of your brand].

A product launch announcement email is sent with the purpose of announcing the launch of a new product, new feature, new release, or an upcoming event related to a product. As discussed above, it is a great way for personal brands to expose their new product or service to their already existing subscriber database, effectively increasing the traffic to their new store. In general, there are three main categories in which product launch emails are used.

These are emails sent for product launches such as a new clothing linesoftware product launches such as a new SaaS business or a feature release an updated version for an intangible product, such as an ebook or software.

It is obviously very difficult to give an example that everyone can identify with when it comes to product releases. After all, depending on the type and niche of the product, one email may look vastly different than another. The author of the book is a well-known researcher and nutritionist that has published several books in the past, having amassed a large number of subscribers for his newsletter.

As such, there is no need for exciting intros or overly marketed offers. Above, we gave an example that was simpler than what you might be used to seeing from big brands, especially in its design. That being said, here is a simple template you can use for your next product launch email. Dear [name] The new [product name] is finally here! What makes the [product name] different is [give an introduction to the product and why people may want to buy it] You can order your [product name] directly from our webstore or find it on Amazon.

When it comes to software release announcement emails, the first thing that may come to mind is the release of a new app to an already existing subscriber base.

For example, if you are a fitness influenceryou might be thinking about releasing your own fitness application, to help your customers train better and scale your business.

In this case, this email is the one you need to be looking at. Below, we will give an example of Greetings, an existing company that released its own application. What follows is a quick intro to the product. The design of the email, in this specific case, is important, as it gives an insight into what kind of visuals the readers could use for their greeting cards. Another thing we like in this example is that the company is very specific about the product features and the way it works.

As with the previous template, it is very difficult to offer one template that works for all occasions. You can use the following sample as a foundation that you will build and adjust depending on your product.

Hey [name], We are excited to announce the release of our new app, [name of app]. So what is [name of app] all about? The release of a new feature can Xtreme Force Dance Company a reason for an exciting announcement email.

We chose this feature release email template from Carbonmade, not for its beautiful design, but rather for the simple message it conveys to its readers. Although the email only presents two areas with text, the fusion of the available space with text and visuals is used in a great way. A very big company, such as Microsoft, will not announce their updated version of Windows the same way a smaller company will introduce an update to its software.

In this case, and to stay in line with the example provided, we will focus on smaller-scale businesses, using a friendly and relaxed tone of voice. You can, of course, adjust this template to your personal needs Electric Company Wilmington Nc add visuals or further explanation if needed.

In this one, we kept things relatively simple. Hey [name] Our new, updated version of [product] is finally live! We made sure to [give a short intro about what makes the updated version different]. Ready to download the updated version? Click on the button below to get started! Apple needs no introduction.

This is also probably why this email is barely 20 words in length. Are you searching for a template you could use to create your own pre-order announcement? Then use the following template:. Hey [name], The big day has finally come! We just finished [the product, e. There will be only books printed in this printing round, so be fast! Pre-Order now]. Finally, when it comes to product announcement emails, remember that the three examples above can also be used, with some slight edits depending on the situation, to inform readers about Event or webinar announcements and spot reservations for future sales.

As such, oftentimes companies will share important information with their employees through email. One of these cases is a promotion announcement email, which employees may receive during certain periods of transition.

As you can see, the email is written in a rather formal way, making it much easier to use and adjust a template for such occasion. The author starts by addressing the totality of the staff, making the announcement in the first paragraph, so that everyone is aware of what it is they are reading. In the remaining paragraphs, the author compliments the individual that got the promotion, informing the rest of the staff of his achievements and giving a small glimpse into what it takes to get a promotion within the company.

Dear fellow staff, I am pleased to announce to all of you that [name] has been promoted to [new role within the company]. Aside from spending long hours in the office and taking on additional tasks, [name] showed his team spirit by simultaneously helping others improve their work output. We are happy to reward that kind of hard work and dedication.

Please join me in congratulating [name] on this exciting news. Best regards, [supervisor name] [company name]. Emails sent out internally, within a company, to announce a new position that is up for grabs, is often referred to as an Open Position Announcement email.

If you are a business owner or simply responsible for the task of filling the open position, then this is the email you need to send. Here is how such an email looks like. As such, we created an example ourselves:. Dear all, If you have been following the developments within our company, you probably came across our latest job opening. For those of you that are not aware, we are currently Is Volkswagen An American Company an HR manager.

This announcement will, on a later date be Fiber Cable Company with external sources as well, but we would like to get some eligible candidates from within our company. If this job role interests you, feel free to send us your CV and give a brief explanation as to why you are the perfect person for this role, by replying to this email. Kind regards, Maria Sharena.

As you can see from the example above, Maria chooses to introduce the role within the company before posting it to external websites. Her goal is to see at least some people within the company reply to the email, sending their CV. She keeps the email short and adds a link to further information the candidates may need. It is a simple and comprehensive way to get her point across. And if you are looking for a template that you can use to announce a new, open vacancy within your company, you can use the following example as a foundation.

Dear all, I have some exciting news for all of you. Even though eventually, we plan to publish this job opening to external channels as well, we strongly recommend any current employee who is interested in this role to apply. Product Marketing] team and hold main responsibilities related to [mention two or three main duties e. Best regards, [Your name] [Company name]. It is quite common, within large companies, to introduce new employees by sending out an internal email to all existing staff.

Especially when the Company Launch Email Example this person undertakes is higher in the hierarchy of the company, it is a good idea to use this strategy so that everyone within the company has a good understanding of the person who will be joining the company.

Here is an example of what such an email looks like:. Catherine introduces Ann to all the staff of Mediquick, mentioning she will be the new addition to the customer service team. As you may be able to tell, Ann does not have a high position in the hierarchy of the company.

Below is a generic template you can use to introduce a new employee to the rest of the staff. Of course, feel free to adjust according to your needs. Dear Quality Mat Company, We are pleased to announce that we found the best candidate for our Ecompanystore Promo Code open position [enter job position].

Best regards, [name] [company name]. Log in Sign up. September 3, September 3, Dimitris Tsapis. New Business announcement emails Announcement emails that have the purpose of introducing a new businessallow a company to reach out to an existing customer base instantly, instead of relying on other media sources, such as TV advertisements or printed media.

New business announcement email template Whether you want to make your email stylish in design or keep things simple text onlythe following template can act as a Company Launch Email Example sample that you can adjust to your needs.

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