Need ideas? Get inspired and start planning Zurich Insurance Company South Africa perfect circle logo design today. Logo for Nook, A software house that creates slick, sexy apps for business.

CH said it just needs to look modern, identifiable, relatively simple, clean and cool. I started by making the symbol from n letter of the double circles oo.

Happy with Tao result. Elegant, classy logo for fashion jewelry brand She's Foreign. Re-branding eagle logo for L. Brown Elementary School. Logo with an eagle head as the design. Would like the eagle design enclosed by a circle of text in a circular, colored ring. So that the design is self-contained. Contemporary lettermark for Global Online Academy. Simple, minimal and contemporary, also symmetrical with clever meaning behind it - make this logo modern but timeless.

Hand lettering logo for an online dessert shop. Company Logo With Two Black Circles made this elegant, timeless hand lettering logo Circoes circular shape that perfectly suites the business. Clean logo for a drinking bottle. I created this circular logo constructed from drops. Simple, minimalist logo for a home services company. Logo for a zen counseling practice. The curves are filling each other and creating one circle, same as family-curves can represent a family member and together they are creating a unity.

Circular minimalistic squirrel logo. The tail of the squirrel merges with the Compqny. Luxurious jewelry logo for a female brand. Solar Source is a solar Company Dot Number contractor. They design, engineer and install solar systems for Company Logo With Two Black Circles and commercial electricity generation.

The "B" and "D" letters are forming the blindfolded heart in the Circlez, providing a subtle link with the band name. Ultimate Coffee Company Limited logo for creative video production company with a focus in corporate branding films. Logo created out of a motif concept. Motifs are the decorative image or design, especially a repeated one forming a pattern. Its is a dominant or recurring idea in an artistic work.

Here the logo is showing one of the motifs which can be used repeatedly to make patterns. This artistic concept is ideal for artistic, entertainment, painting, drawing, abstract service, artists and sometimes for general uses also. Color used is orange which is associated with creativity. Contemporary logo design for startup ceramics business. The shape of the logo was inspired by the circular motion involved in the process of making ceramics.

Blxck background picture used is also one of the inspirations used in the process of making this logo. The circle outline is purposely used to make this logo looks good as a stamp.

The image of a person's head that represents a beauty from inside the mind. Help The Tutorverse with a new logo. A circular logo with stylized A and M letters. Rite Rate Energy Logo Proposal. Logo consists of letters monograms styled in the form of two circles connected circuit element. Creative berry logo for math The Wiring Harness Company apps.

Crcles this logo for developer creating math games in order to simplify learning math. His surname is Berry so naturally I played with berry theme and integrated abacus within to tie math aspect as well.

This is my Xylem Canada Company design proposal for wezy. They wanted something abstract, geometric and something that forms a flower. Organization trains corporations and other groups healthcare, businesses, women's groups, university students, etc.

Simple design for a new Compan venture. Logo design for Linden Laundry Bar. Create a logo for Epektasis: Spirituality.

It was a real pleasure working with these guys. We explored a lot of options and finally created something that both sides are proud of. Great project! About Brady Ave: We are a dedicated group of tattoo enthusiasts with bringing the best tattoo aftercare solutions.

URL: www. Like new twitter Twp, I used a geometry from the circle. The angle of Flying Squirrel is 45 degree, it means the Squirrel is flying.

The tail is a wireless wave simbol. Create a fun and sassy logo for a life coach. If it for a outdoor service of course probably must to be a organic logo, but I do not care of classic organic logo, I love modern, clean WWith, geometrical, simple and memorable icons :. Clean logo concept for a Professional Beauty Salon.

A logo proposal with accent on typography in which I used the contrast between the very clean lettering and the brush stroke ampersand. Logo Design for Fulcrum Medical. We sell handmade Ckmpany fermented tea with organic brown sugar and organic green and black tea. I did a drawing of word "alive" in a artistic way in a way which show emotion, sophistication, energy.

Vibrant gold color it in the the same feel with word "alive" means emotion, energy. Clean, sophisticated logo concept for woman-owned and operated consulting company. Initials based logo -'DD'- forming a compact, timeless, circular geometric icon. Logo for a tech firm called. Modern, sleek, very catchy. Logo Design for Light Vibes. God Xeljanz Company Logo Concept for Generate Creative Consulting.

The colors are based on the label design where the logo will be attached. Classic and elegant, that's what I want to show. Filmproduction company logo. As the name shows it, forest. The mark is depicting trees while one is a movie roll. The company sells vitamins and supplements for health and wellness and they wanted to refreshing their old logo.

So, I redesigned the old logo using a flat style and clean lines giving a fresh and modern look. Feminine logo for the wedding blogger. The client wanted modern and romantic logo which is accomplished with the pastel colors and watercolor Company Logo With Two Black Circles in the combination with the feminine font choice. Geometric logo design for a freelance interaction designer. The client wanted a very clean geometric logo. I made a wireframe geometric sign that contains the letters of his name 'LOY', getting a clean, fresh and dynamic image he wished for.

A blog that will provide floral and decor inspiration around the subject of hospitality. Simple modern circular logo with Celtic knot elements. A great and fun project to be a part of :.

Film production company logo. Logomark composed of a circular shape film strip to evoke a sense of limitless possibilities. The mark uses a minimal negative space style Xto Energy Company a lasting Circes and physical usability.

Abstract and modern monoline pelican logo in a circular layout. My idea was to designed the stamp look logo for this client. Because, you can put it on various products from soup, matches and some small products The target audience were middle aged men. Sophisticated Logo design Company Logo With Two Black Circles Tipser. At the beginning of the contest I had this idea of combining modern elements of growth being the leaves and nature aspect.

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