Marketing activities should be carried out under a well-thought-out philosophy of efficient, effective, and socially responsible marketing. In fact, there are five competing concepts under which organizations conduct marketing activities: production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, and societal marketing concept. The Production Concept The production conceptone of the oldest in business, holds that consumers prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive.

In simple it assumes that goods are produced because consumers will need them in their near future. Managers of production-oriented businesses concentrate Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt achieving high production efficiency, low costs, and mass distribution.

It is also used when a company wants to expand the market. This orientation makes sense in developing countries such as China. Example one — Texas Instruments of USA, a firm engaged in the manufacturing of caculators gained sufficient economies of scale that them to bring down prices of their product ranges it resulted to win major share of the American Calculator market. The Product Concept. Managers in these organizations focus on making superior products and improving them over time, assuming that buyers can appraise Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt and performance.

Product-oriented companies often design their products with little or no customer input, trusting that their engineers can design exceptional products. Eg - Colleges,department stores, and the post office all assume that they are offering the public the right product and wonder why their sales slip.

These organizations too often are looking into a mirror Knock Company they should be looking out of the window. Selling concept. This concept holds, the consuerms will not buy enough of the organizations products unless it undertakes a large selling and promotional effort.

The selling concept is also practiced in the nonprofit area by 1910 Bubble Gum Company, college admissions offices, Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt political parties. Their aim is to sell what they make rather Garneski Air Conditioning And Heating Company make what the market wants.

It focuses on creating sales transactions rather than on building long-term, profitable relationships with customers. This can sometimes leads to long term impact on sales because dissatisfied customers do not buy again. Worse yet, while the average satisfied customer tells three others about good experiences, the average dissatisfied customer tells ten others about his or her bad experience.

The Marketing Concept. The marketing concept, based on central tenets crystallized in the mids, challenges the three business orientations we just discussed.

The selling concept takes an inside-out perspective. It starts with the factory, focuses on existing products, and calls for heavy selling and promoting to produce profitable sales. The marketing concept takes an outside-in perspective. It starts with a well-defined market, focuses on customer needs, coordinates activities that affect customers, and produces profits by satisfying customers.

Eg — 3M, Motorola Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt made a practice of researching latent needs and developed the products. Difference between marketing orientation and other orientations. Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt a marketing oriented firm it gives long term profit because the satisfied customers repeat their purchases, but is non marketing orientation it gives only short term profits.

Marketing Orientation. Sales orientations. Benefits of Marketing orientations. Increased reputation Increased company and customer satisfaction Increased loyalty of customers Incrased motivation of staffs Increased market shre and profts. Business Function. Marketing research. Research and development Production. Deciding on the value of the product to customers.

Pricing sales and marketing department. Making the product available to customers at the right time and place. Difficulties developing a marketing orientation. Are companies that successfully satisfy consumer wants necessarily acting in the best, long-run interests of consumers Company Orientation Towards Market Place Ppt society? The marketing concept sidesteps the potential conflicts among consumer wants, consumer interests, and long-run societal welfare.

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What is a company's orientation towards marketplace

Jun 18, 2015 · What is a company's orientation towards marketplace. 1. Production Concept Widely available and inexpensive products Mass distribution High production efficiency Low costs Useful when 1) Demand exceeds supply 2) Product’s cost is too high Used to expand the market E.g. Lenovo and Haier, in ……


1.3 CORPORATE ORIENTATIONS TOWARDS MARKET PLACE The concept of marketing has evolved through different stages from production orientation to societal orientation. The modern concept of marketing highlights satisfaction of consumer needs and wants whereas the societal concept cares for the well being of the consumer as well as that of society.…


Company Orientations to the Marketplace . What philosophy should guide a company marketing and selling efforts? What relative weights should be given to the interests of the organization, the customers, and society? These interest often clash, however, an organization’s marketing and selling activities should be carried out under a well-thought-out philosophy of efficiency, effectiveness ...…